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Tehran warns there will be a ‘much larger response’ if Israel counter attacks Iran

14th Apr 24 2:41 pm

Senior Iranian military commanders have warned on Sunday that there will be a “much larger response” if Israel counter attacks Iran.

Washington has been warned that US assets will be targeted if they supports any military strikes by Israel.

Iran’s armed forces chief of staff Major General Mohammad Bagheri told state TV on Sunday, “Our response will be much larger than tonight’s military action if Israel retaliates against Iran.”

“If the Zionist regime (Israel) or its supporters demonstrate reckless behavior, they will receive a decisive and much stronger response,” Iran’s president Ebrahim Raisi said in a statement, the Times of Israel reported.

The commander of the elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hossein Salami gave a stern warning to Israel they will strike back and it is not in their interest to go ahead.

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He warned that Iran has now created a “new equation” and Israeli territory will be attacked in response.

This comes after Israel’s war cabinet has approved a “powerful response” on Sunday on Iranian soil and they will retaliate immediately.

An Israeli military official revealed that Israel’s Channel 12 told residents “not to go to bed yet,” as an attack on Iran is imminent.

An Israeli official has also told CNN that Israel is yet to decide if they will “break all the dishes” or take a more level headed response.

This comes after Iran fired hundreds of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and drones towards Israel and in retaliation Israeli defence forces attack southern Lebanon on Sunday.

Hamas said in response to Tehran’s attack, “We in Hamas regard the military operation conducted by the Islamic Republic of Iran a natural right and a deserved response on the crime of targeting the Iranian consulate in Damascus and the assassination of several leaders of the Revolutionary Guards.”

Israels Defence Force (IDF) Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said that Iran’s actions are “very grave,” warning this could now “push the region toward escalation.”

Senior Arab leaders are fearful that Israel could trigger a wider war across the Middle East and fear Benjamin Netanyahu’s “insane” response now the war cabinet has approved a strike on Iranian soil.

Max Abrahms, associate professor of political science at Northeastern University, has said that essentially, Iran has “declared war” on Israel.

Professor Abrahms told Northeastern Global News, “Iran has essentially declared war against Israel, and Israel is going to respond in a substantial way.

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