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Thousands of firearms including a ‘machine gun’ have been ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’

29th Apr 24 3:53 pm

Thousands of pistols, shotguns, rifles and even a “machine gun” have either been “lost” or “stolen,” according to the Metropolitan Police documentation we have seen.

However, across the UK we have been informed that allegedly thousands of firearms licences have either been “lost or stolen across the UK over the last five years.”

The Metropolitan Police and other forces update monthly the number of firearms that are lost or stolen along with firearms licenses which “could potentially” enable the “holders of them to freely walk into firearm retailers to purchase ammunition.”

We have seen a shocking number of pages filled with evidence along with emails, which were sent from the Met Police, listing names of registered firearms holders and what types of weapons including the calibre listing, which has been “lost” or “stolen.”

We saw evidence that in January 2022 there were 856 firearms that the Met Police had recorded as either lost or stolen, some of which use the “civilian version of the military grade 5.56 round [bullet]” which the UK armed forces have used for decades.

After the 5.56 bullet was officially taken into the military, the Remington company developed a civilian version of the 5.56 round. This is how the 223 was then put out for sale, and as such, the 223 is a civilian version of the military grade 5.56 round.

“The amount of bolt action .22RF rifles which have been stolen or lost is most worrisome as they are exceptionally powerful and have a range of up to a mile so in the wrong hands this would be deadly,” a weapons expert warned.

An owner of a shot gun who “used to live in the London, SW15 area” cannot be accounted for, and “its status is LOST” the Met Police have acknowledged in emails we have seen.

The emails we have seen also list many names of people who are licensed to hold a firearm, along with their email addresses, raising the possibility that they have broken the Data Protection Act as well.

An owner of a powerful Mauser 9mm Luger P08 was deemed “lost” the Met Police acknowledges in the documentation we have seen. It is not known where and if this lethal German handgun is being used on the streets within the UK.

A former licensed firearms expert whose job it was to convert deactivated firearms back to being active said that someone with the right training and know-how could easily do the same.

We were told, “deactivated firearms pre 2016 are easily converted back to active firearms and can be done either at home using basic tools that can be purchased from any DIY store or with the aid of modern cheap and basic 3D plastic printers.

“Pre 2016 the regulation of firearms deactivation was rather vague and no formal process and specification of what must be modified to each element of a firearm and components left an opening for criminals to act easily.

“With only a few components of a firearm being classified as restricted components, replacements previously de-activated parts can be easily ordered online and purchased within the UK.

“Amazon and eBay also are a wholesale marketplace for replacement components for a few pounds.”

We were provided with a range of online sites which “allows users to freely download free complete gun designs.”

The expert continued, “Modern printing materials which again are readily available can be found online to be used with simple 3D plastic printers such as carbon fibre filament.

“These have produced barrels capable of accurately firing projectiles up to 500m accurately with more than 200 rounds being fired without any deterioration of the printed barrel or accuracy.”

The expert added “Authorities are aware that registered dealer’s firearm licenses are being lost that enable holders of them to freely walk into firearm retailers to purchase ammunition or worst still online from disrepute UK online sellers.”

The expert then told us how easy it is to convert the deactivated Sten MK3 sub-machine gun, to which we have seen evidence that the Met Police admit to it being “lost” in their emails, but for obvious reasons, he refused to go into specifics on how to do this.

The weapons expert added, “This deactivated sub machine gun will clearly have been deactivated pre 2016 and sadly will probably already be back on the streets re-activated in the hands of criminals ready to seriously injure or kill an innocent bystander again.

“Other issues which failed to be addressed, despite new designs and technology being available to eliminate the possibility of the conversion of blank firing handguns. With a small purchase of a diamond tipped drill purchased from the local DIY shop a handgun can be put into operational use in less than 30 minutes, firing either handmade lead projectiles or purchased ball bearings.”

“The majority of these blank firing handguns being of either 8mm or 9mm calibre semi or fully automatic can easily be adjusted and could be active on the streets within the UK.”

He then warned, “that despite offers to work alongside the met police to bring about change, the Met responded that they did not have the resources to assist.”

He then questioned, “I wonder if any of these have been used in murders of innocent people within the Met’s jurisdiction?”

The Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate, Rob Blackie said, “The Mayor has mismanaged the Met for the last eight years, so this is sadly not a surprise. While he tries to blame everybody else, he is in charge.

“My top priority is to fix the Met, getting police back on the frontline and focused on the crimes that matter.”

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, the former director of public prosecutions has called for tighter gun laws.

The Labour leader has previously said he is “concerned” that “people have access to guns that they shouldn’t have access to.”

A Met Police spokesperson said, The Met works extensively with the firearms dealer trade and partners to ensure firearms possession is limited exclusively to Registered Firearms Dealers (RFDs) and holders.

The Met’s Firearms Command compiles a list of lost or stolen firearms and licenses/ certificates so that if RFDs in London are approached with a lost or stolen firearm or license, it will flag up as such and they can then notify police.

The claim that the firearms/ certificates have been stolen ‘under the Met’s watch’ is wrong. The list is contributed to by partner agencies and forces across the UK.

If a lost or stolen firearm or license is found then it’s taken off the list.

The list does not represent the number of firearms lost or stolen within London. Last year there were fewer than 15 reports.

Official statistics on lost or stolen firearms can be found here:


However, we never stated 2023 as per their statement we stated 2022. Regarding the firearms certificates we stated, “we have been informed that allegedly thousands of firearms licences have either been “lost or stolen across the UK over the last five years.”

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