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Israeli war cabinet Minister warns we must ‘go berserk’ against Iran as this ‘event not over’

14th Apr 24 3:13 pm

The Israeli war cabinet Minister has warned Iran that they will “collect a price” following Tehran’s attack overnight.

Benny Gantz has promised there will be a military response against Iran, but in a manner of their choosing at a time “that’s right for us.”

Ben Gvir said, “The concepts of containment and proportionality, these concepts became obsolete on 7 October.

In order to establish deterrence in the Middle East, you must show them that you’ve gone berserk and completely lost it.

The Israeli Minister for National Security has insisted that Israel must go “berserk” with their counter attack on Iran and they cannot “be wimpish.”

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Gantz who is a retired general said in a statement on Sunday, “Yesterday, Iran launched an attack on Israel – and met the strength of the Israeli security system.”

He said, “Iran is a global problem, it is a regional challenge and it is also a danger to Israel, and yesterday, the world clearly stood together with Israel in the face of the danger.

“Israel against Iran, the world against Iran – this is the result. This is a strategic achievement, which we must leverage for Israel’s security.”

He added, “This event is not over – the strategic alliance and the regional cooperation system that we built and stood its significant test need to be strengthened precisely now.

“Israel proved yesterday that it is an anchor of military and technological power, and an anchor of security in the Middle East.”

However, the Israeli Culture and Sprot Minister Miki Zohar has criticised Gantz over his “weak response.”

Zohar said, “A weak response to the unprecedented Iranian aggression is the continuation of the outdated concept of reasonable logic in the face of brutal terrorists,” in response to Israel’s retaliation.

He added, “It failed against Hamas and we got the 7th of October, it failed against Hezbollah which attacks us continuously and led to the evacuation of the residents of the north, and it will fail against Iran which did not hesitate to attack Israel directly.”

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