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Investing in cryptocurrency: Is it worth it?

by Sarah Dunsby
2nd Aug 18 7:20 am

Investing in cryptocurrencies could be a bad investment or a highly lucrative one. As the adage goes, the greater the risk, the greater the reward. This applies to the world of cryptocurrency trading and something to keep in mind whenever you execute a trading decision.

Cryptocurrencies are relatively young. Couple this with the market’s volatility and you have an investment vehicle that can either make you a fortune or damage your financial health.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies

A person has several choices if he or she wants to invest in cryptocurrencies, and not just trade, sell or buy. New investors could select between trading software such as BTC Profit or the GBTC trust sold on the stock market. Every choice has its benefits and drawbacks.

Advice from experts

The best advice coming from experts is to be prepared to lose every dollar that they invest in cryptocurrencies. It possibly will not occur, but you have to be prepared for the worst. That is why a person should enter the world of cryptocurrency with resilience stored up. This is also the main reason why several investors want to ease into investing in cryptocurrency.

Typically, the least risky coins are the coins that have been around for a long period and have the highest volume and biggest market cap. It is risky to invest in cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin. In these three cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the present-day top coin for volume, market cap, and longevity. However, Bitcoin is also the costliest investment.

The benefits and drawbacks


Since its birth, the market for cryptocurrency has been really unstable. Bitcoin’s price could swing up or down by thousands of dollars per day.

A lot of professionals do not know if Bitcoin or any other top cryptocurrencies would be the one that stays on the market, even if cryptocurrency is a great bet for long-term investment. This is very true for a lot of less well-known cryptocurrencies with smaller market caps. Therefore, even if a particular coin has shown great potential in its short life, there’s always a risk of losing money just as quickly as you earn.

People with low tolerance with risk-taking have extra trouble. These individuals are prone to getting scared and withdrawing at a loss while the market is slumping or correcting.

Regulators of huge countries such as China, Russia, and the United States could have huge influences on cryptocurrencies. The United States shutting the Silk Road down caused a drop in 2013. It caused a bubble to pop and didn’t recover until 2017. China, in 2017, started giving signals of condemnation and talking about banning ICOs. This brought the price of Bitcoin from $5,000 to $4,000 within hours.


There’s a huge benefit to investing in cryptocurrencies. One of it is that this market is still young. This means that anything could happen in the future. And one of it is that cryptocurrency would thrive more and more.

The cryptocurrency trend can very well be headed toward being a significant method of store and exchange in the future. Many experts even believe that despite the current slump in prices, the cryptocurrency market will finish this year on a positive note with some saying Bitcoin can reach $50,000. This only highlights the immense earning potential that comes with investing in cryptocurrencies. Still, due diligence is required to increase the odds of making money in the market instead of losing your hard-earned cash.

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