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Interview attire for men

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25th Jan 21 3:50 pm

Talks about the importance of first impressions are one, I’m sure we have all heard severally. And yes, they do matter. Especially when it’s for an interview, it is necessary to make (at the very least) a good impression.

This is why getting your attire right is a crucial part of making a good first impression because the first thing your employer would notice is your attire. Other aspects of making a good impression are built on this foundation. Although it’s cliché, you should dress to impress. Besides, being clean and looking dapper boosts self-confidence, which can help ease some of the anxiety that comes with interviews.

So then, what should men wear to an interview? Sadly, there is no straightforward answer to this question. As it depends on certain factors like the type of job, the company size, and the company’s dress policy.

Proper interview attire for men

Today, the sense of what type of outfit is suitable for interviews is a lot more flexible than it used to be back in the day. Which due to the kind of jobs we have in this era. It has afforded men a lot more options with the type of outfits they can wear to interviews. Generally, professional dress codes fall under these three categories:

  • Business formal
  • Business casual
  • Smart casual

Business formal

Business formal attire is the most suitable interview attire for men for formal interviews in traditional companies or white-collar jobs. Examples of jobs or companies include administrative and sales jobs, accounting firms, law firms, and other related professions.

Appropriate outfits for interviews for such roles include a two-button suit jacket, preferably in dark colors of navy blue, gray, or black. A classic button-down shirt (tucked) of white, light blue, or beige colors nothing too distracting, and a vest though optional. A complementary tie that comes down to your belt, with a matching leather belt and shoe. Lastly, solid color socks matching your pants are advisable.

Keep in mind, formal interviews require you to dress conservatively – let that guide your choice in accessories.

Business casual

The business casual category is a little less formal version of the business-formal. It is an appropriate option for modern companies that require you to still look professional, without the suit and tie. For business casual, button-down shirts, sweaters, and blazers are proper, not t-shirts. Also, chino pants are good alternatives to dress pants, not jeans.

You can play around with colors and patterns a bit with business casual attire, but nothing overboard. Socks can also be colorful; however, it’s necessary to keep them classy and not distracting.

Smart casual

Smart casual attires are relatively a new form of business look that is common to the new generation workplaces. These include tech startups, smaller companies, and generally companies with a younger administration. Pulling off a smart casual look can be quite tricky, so you must be sure that the company interview you are attending allows smart causal.

For smart casual attires, a shirt, chinos pants or jeans, and a pair of sneakers are suitable attires. Although smart casual is flexible and allows one to express some style, remember they still a company; always keep it professional.

Good luck.

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