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Individual log cabin projects. Why should you choose one?

by John Saunders
15th Sep 21 3:03 pm

At the moment, it is very popular to choose a log cabin not from already prepared projects, but to create your own individual one. Such a solution takes a little more time because you need to decide what kind of space you want and prepare the project. Nevertheless, prospective hosts are increasingly choosing individually designed log cabins for sale. Why is this solution so attractive? We ask experts at Maestro Cabins to share their insights on advantages when choosing an individual log cabin project.

At first glance, it may turn out that an individual log cabin project is more expensive. But when it comes to the cabin itself, you get the option to pay only for what you need and reject unnecessary items. An individual project guarantees that the premises will be designed to best suit your needs. You have the opportunity to plan rooms according to the number of family members, to set up spaces for storing things and garden supplies. This is especially important if you have a small land. Compactly designed log cabin will save space.

When designing your log cabin, you can arrange the windows for inside to get the most sunlight and the most beautiful view opens up. Each plot of land has its own characteristics, and an individual log cabin can help reveal the most beautiful features of the place. It all depends on your imagination and budget. Unlike buying a ready-made project, you can plan your expenses according to the budget you have by creating your own individual log cabin.

When creating an individual log cabin project, think about possible solutions in the future. Maybe later you will have more funds and will want to additionally install or expand the terrace, add an extension or install a second floor as the family grows. Discuss these options with our project managers at Maestro Cabins and leave room for future cottage improvements.

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How does the quality of log cabins differ?

In appearance, the same log cabins can differ significantly in their quality. What to look for when choosing a log cabin to enjoy a durable, comfortable and good-looking building?

Quality of the wood

One of the most important indicators of building quality is wood. The most popular wood variants are northern spruce, pine or a combination of pine and spruce. Most craftsmen will confirm that the highest quality of these choices is the northern spruce. Slower-growing northern spruce wood is much more resistant to environmental influences, cold and moisture. Nordic spruce wood is probably the most durable choice.

Quality of windows and doors

Once you have chosen the right wood to build your log cabin, take the time to think about the quality of the windows and doors. These are the most used parts of the log cabin, so it is worth investing in their quality so that they do not wear out soon after starting to use. Stability in window and door constructions is ensured by glued wood and high-quality opening mechanisms.

All doors and windows are made by us at Maestro Cabins factory and are included in the price of every project.

Roof and floor

The roof structure should also be glued wood beams. Quality beams are important for a colder climate, because the roof has to withstand harsh winters and a lot of rainfall. Glued solid rafters – not only high quality, but also look beautiful. It is recommended to place the floor construction on impregnated lags, and the most suitable floor board thickness is 28 mm. High-quality boards with the right profile will maintain the even shape and stability of the floor while the wood is moving. This will ensure that no defects occur in your log cabin.

How to choose a log cabin?

A log cabin is a great alternative for those living in an apartment, but who dreams of sometimes escaping closer to nature, engaging in gardening, horticulture or just relaxing. So what factors should you look out for when choosing a log cabin?

When choosing a log cabin, be sure to consider whether you will use it in all seasons and how much time you will spend in it. If you only need a log cabin during the warm season and you are sure not to visit it in the winter, it is not necessary to invest in insulation and energy class of the building. What’s more, if you are planning on spending rainy autumn evenings in the log cabin or even visit during the winter, then it is worth thinking about a higher energy class and log cabin insulation.

Another question you need to answer before choosing a log cabin is with whom you will usually spend time in it. The answer will dictate the most convenient log cabin layout. If you are mostly going to relax with your family, it is worth thinking about large open spaces.

However, if you plan to hold frequent celebrations for friends, maybe it would be more convenient to divide the log cabin into smaller rooms? This option is much more convenient if a larger group of people stay in your log cabin at the same time. A popular option is a two-floor layout – a common lounge connected to the kitchen on the first floor, and bedrooms on the second floor.

Another important highlight of the log cabin is the terrace. it’s not just a functional lounge solution, it just decorates the building and expands the space.

It is not always possible to choose a log cabin that you like perfectly from professionals at Maestro Cabins and create a log cabin you have always dreamed of.

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