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Indicators suggest that ‘Putin may have already decided to reconstitute a significant conventional Russian military threat to Europe’

22nd Dec 22 11:58 am

Vladimir Putin and his Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu have made remarks which are strongly suggesting that the Russian tyrant “may have already decided” a “military threat to Europe.”

The much respected US think-tank the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) have warned that Putin vowed to provided his army “with everything that they ask for,” which is a fundamental shift in his approach to the war.

The ISW have made a series of observations which is pointing to Putin making “intensified” attempts to military bloggers and that the Ministry must now be “attentitive” and open to criticism and “hear those who do not hush up problems,” which is an unusual step which could signal that he is trying to get the public and the army back on side.

The ISW  also suggested that Putin’s discussion over the financial side of the war effort could be the Russian leader further hinting at a fundamental shift in Moscow.

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Sucn an approach to the conflict could also be seen as a major “significant conventional Russian military threat to Europe.”

The ISW said, “Russia’s military defeats in Ukraine may persuade Putin to change Russia’s strategic resource allocation for the Russian military.

“Putin can decide to appropriate Russian state funds in such a manner that allows the Kremlin to field a large conventional military at the expense of economic growth and consumer comforts as the Soviets did.

“Such a course of action would cost resources and time, but is possible.

“Shoigu’s ‘recommendations’, which he certainly presented to Putin privately before describing them publicly, along with Putin’s commitment to providing the Russian military with everything it needs and a number of other indicators suggest that Putin may have already decided to reconstitute a significant conventional Russian military threat to Europe once this war ends.”

The US think tank said that the statements made by Shoigu and Putin clearly demonstrates that Russia is not interested in reducing its war efforts or its war aims, despite the growing toll on Russian society.”

The ISW continued, “Putin and Shoigu’s comments further illustrate that the Kremlin retains maximalist goals for the war in Ukraine.

“The reiteration of Putin’s February 24 goals indicates that the Kremlin is deciding to embrace the sacrifices of the war and attempt to push on to victory.

“The Kremlin will need to continue to ask for and justify great sacrifices from its people to pursue these unrealistic goals.

“Putin likely believes that if he downscaled his maximalist set of goals or defined lesser short-term objectives he would incur widespread discontent from both the wider Russian public and the ultra-nationalist pro-war community for committing Russia to a costly war in pursuit of an inadequate reward.”

The US think tanks report concluded, “Putin and Shoigu maintained the Kremlin’s information operation that seeks to coerce the West into pushing Ukraine to negotiate on Russia’s terms.

“Shoigu claimed during his speech that the Kremlin is always open to holding constructive, peaceful negotiations.

“The Kremlin likely believes that it will be able to exact more preemptive concessions from Ukraine the more maximalist its stated goals for the war are as it also prepares what it is presenting as another large-scale offensive operation.”

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