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How to spot a fake Gucci handbag

by John Saunders
2nd Mar 20 3:20 pm

Gucci is one of the most popular global brands of handbags. Its popularity has made it a target of counterfeiters. So if you plan to buy a Gucci bag, make sure you closely inspect it first. Try to differentiate between the fake Gucci handbag and the genuine luxury bags. However, it’s not that easy to point out the differences. We have put forward an easy-to-use authentication guide for you to identify the genuine Gucci handbags. Go through them and you can save yourself from being cheated and losing thousands of dollars.

Performing the authentication check

Look for the following red flags while shopping for a Gucci handbag.

1. Serial Number

Serial number is the best way to know if you have got a fake handbag or a genuine one. A serial number tag is mostly located on a leather patch inside the handbag. See it sewn at the top on the inside of the bag. A real Gucci doesn’t have a serial number tag on the sides of the bag. The tag can be a rectangle or a square.

When you make an online purchase, you can use Gucci serial number lookup to see if it is fake or genuine. For real Gucci bags, the serial number tag have same appearance. Also closely look for the following details:

  • Trademark symbol is not missing
  • ‘Gucci’ in the middle has a letter G similar to the interlocking G’s of the logo
  • In the bottom ‘Made in Italy’ should all be in lowercase in the same font as the company title above it
  • You can easily identify the lettering of the Gucci logo if you know these characteristics:

Round G which almost looks like an O, serifs in the font are equal, unlike interlocking G’s, two sides of the U include one side with a thicker line than the right side (which is very thin) and C’s are also very round like G.

You can easily find out the fake bag by identifying the two rows of the serial number tag. In newer bags, serial number is stacked one over the other and there are no letters. Therefore, if you see that the serial number on the bag is alpha-numerical, be sure that it’s a counterfeit.


The tags of the Gucci bags made in the 1990s have a slightly rounded corner and there’s no trademark symbol. Also the stamp of MADE IN ITALY and the word GUCCI are written all in the uppercase letters. Vintage bags also had serial numbers with additional characters and format variations.

2. Quality of the logo

Logo is a very important brand element. Newer bags have overlapping G’s.

3. Durability of the hardware

A real Gucci handbag will always stand up to the test of time. Hardware includes zippers and engravings which will never peel off; they feel lightweight or will be covered in plastic. Buy any style or collection of Gucci bags, the hardware will be heavy and not made of plastic or soft metal.

In the newer bags, engraved logos are on the underside of the zipper. If the engraving is uneven, blurred or unclean in any way, it is not the authentic Gucci handbag.

4. Packaging

Real Gucci bags never come in a plastic package. There’s a particular type of packaging providing a dust bag to protect the item inside. The dust bag can be dark brown, light brown or black colored. In an authentic Gucci packaging, information cards are included. In a fake bag, the card may include errors in font, logo or other details. All these show that the bag is not real. Newer handbags have a label on the inside with a ‘QR’ code.

5. Controllato Cards

An authentic Gucci bag has a controllato card. ‘Controllato’ means ‘checked’ in Italian. This means that the bag has completed the manufacturing process with verified quality. This Gucci controllato card can be easily faked. So verify that the Gucci logo is on the top, then the word controllato followed by a set of 10 numbers (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0) with one single space. All this is written in a stack of three text lines with center justification.


The card can be taken out of one bag and put into some other. The card is separate from the bag and is included in the packaging so you can’t dismiss it if there is no controllato card.

We hope that the above checklist comes in handy for you to identify an authentic Gucci from a fake one.

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