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How to get rid of backpain easily

by John Saunders
19th Nov 21 12:35 pm

Most of us do desk jobs, so we spend most of our days sitting in a not-so-comfortable chair, and then late at night, we sleep in a not-so-comfortable bed. As a result, our backs hurt.

Back pain is one of the most common problems modern-day adults face, but fortunately, unless it’s caused by some underlying issue, you can get it under control with only a few lifestyle changes. However, if the pain is already causing problems in your everyday activities, you should visit this pain management in Greenbelt. If the pain is still manageable, here are a few things you can do.

Keep a good posture at all times

Keep your shoulders tucked back, your chin high and your back straight – at all times. In the beginning, it might be bothersome and even tiring to walk or sit this way, but you’ll get used to it eventually. By the time keeping the good posture becomes like second nature to you, you will no longer feel any pain in your back.

Stretch on a daily basis

Sore and tight muscles in your back could very well be the reason why you’re struggling with pain on a daily basis. Therefore – stretching can help. Whether you want to do some simple stretches or yoga doesn’t really matter, as long as you do it every day. For best results, we’d recommend starting and ending your day with a stretch.

Walk as much as you can

A sedentary lifestyle is arguably the most common cause of back pain. Therefore, something as simple as walking could make a significant change in your life. Walking for only an hour each day could alleviate your back pain almost entirely, and we’re sure your pet will appreciate the walks, as well.

Avoid laying down too much in a bed

Lying in bed for hours on end can cause back pain. The less we move around, the weaker our back muscles become. Once they weaken enough, they begin to hurt – it’s as simple as that. And, we can forget to mention improper posture while lounging on the couch or a sofa, which will not only weaken your muscles but affect your spine, as well.

Learn how to get rid of stress

Stress is the leading cause of most health issues, whether we want to believe it or not. And, as we all know, stress likes to “builds up” in the upper back and neck area and cause them to tighten and ache. Therefore, if you can, learn how to get rid of or at least how to handle stress. Your back will thank you.

Invest money in a mattress topper

Alleviating pressure in core areas such as hips, shoulder, and upper back can help with back pain, and if you take a quick peek over at https://www.thesleepadvisors.co.uk/mattress-toppers/best-mattress-topper-for-back-pain/, you’ll see which mattress toppers could help you with that.

Put a pillow between your legs

By sleeping with a pillow between your legs, you will keep your pelvis in a neutral position and your spine properly aligned. By doing this, you’ll sleep in the optimal position, which should, in theory, help relieve some of the stress and pain from your back and possibly even help reduce pain caused by a herniated disc or sciatica.

Use an ergonomic chair & desk if you must sit down

If you have to sit for an extended period of time – invest in an ergonomic chair. This will probably be a sizable investment, but sitting in a chair that offers proper lumbar support will rejuvenate your back and help you deal with pain quite effectively.

What are the three most common reasons for backpain?

Aside from a sedentary lifestyle, stress and bad mattresses, back pain can also occur due to an underlying issue or an injury.

Muscle strain

A strain or an injury to one of the muscles in your back could be causing you back pain. The problem is, if you’re not in shape, or if you don’t move around a lot, a simple crouch or an extension to reach something from a high shelf could lead to muscle strain.

Muscle strain pain tends to linger for about two to three days, and unless you aggravate the injury, it usually won’t turn into a chronic problem. However, if you want to avoid straining your muscles in the future, you will have to work them out a bit.


Arthritis is an inflammation of the facet joints, and it can occur anywhere in our body. Spinal arthritis is the inflammation of the facet joints in the spine and the sacroiliac joints between the spine and the pelvis. Causes for spinal arthritis can vary, but one thing that is almost universally certain is the pain.

The intensity of back pain caused by arthritis can vary and usually doesn’t require pain medication. However, if left untreated, chronic arthritis may lead to severe pain, swelling, stiffness or even a complete inability to move.


The main cause of osteoporosis pain is a spinal compression fracture that could lead to a number of issues, including sharp and severe back pain that only gets worse while you’re standing or moving around. This forces you to become sedentary, which then, in return, causes additional back problems, which only lead to more pain and discomfort.

Osteoporosis pain is most commonly managed with medication, usually something along the lines of ibuprofen. However, physical therapy, hot and cold therapy, acupuncture and massage have been known to help alleviate pain, too.

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