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How to choose the right hair transplant procedure

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22nd Oct 19 11:03 am

Are you having trouble choosing the right hair transplant procedure to undergo? The right choice of hair transplant depends on what you need and your physician’s recommendations. There are two major types of hair transplants i.e., DHI and FUE transplants. It is good to seek the opinion of a physician to determine the right procedure to undergo that will solve your problems and give you that spectacular look you desire.

At Cosmeticium, The team of highly talented and experienced surgeons has performed over 10,000 hair transplants, which are commendable. Cosmeticium is privileged to have some of the most experienced professionals attending to the vast array of clients. Thanks to the hair transplant, and the best techniques these physicians use, you experience a shorter healing time, and there are no visible scars afterward.

This is a renowned clinic with specialized equipment and offering gentle hair transplant services with outstanding results. Are you interested? Then come to Cosmeticium for your hair transplant. You are guaranteed of free consultation and the best hair transplant.

Who are eligible for a hair transplant?

People suffering from hereditary baldness or deep bays benefit tremendously from the hair transplant. Both men and women are eligible as there are women suffering from other symptoms similar to the hair loss experienced in men. They too, get the treatment. Of course, the results are better and as per your expectations.

The results depend on the amount of hair transplanted, how much hair the patient has for use, and their thickness. The amount of hair necessary depends on the surface to be covered, size, and desired hair thickness.

What to expect before the hair transplant?

The physician will do a consultation, which involves going through your individual conditions, expected results to achieve, and examine the hair quality. The physicians will ask questions regarding your general health to determine what is possible.

You receive suggestions and price information at different times for the operations. The specialists’ review gathered information carefully to determine how to do the procedures and what kind of aftercare service you will need. The specialists do everything to ensure you are safe and comfortable in your decision. As a patient, you can choose to have the transplant at the Cosmeticium.

DHI vs. FUE differences

These are hair transplant procedures that you may have come across in the course of your research. The transplants use different techniques, and it is best to have a deep understanding of what each involves before you make a decision.

  • FUE stands for Follicle Unit Extraction while DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. While FUE involves manually implanting the extracted grafts, the DHI involves using a specific implanting tool or Choi Implanting
  • DHI is more like a micro-FUE because it doesn’t involve cutting into a patient’s skin. Certified surgeons do minimally invasive extraction to ensure high quality and consistency.
  • FUE implants the follicles by creating reception holes in that particular treatment area. The specialists place the hair follicles using forceps and allow little control over the direction, angle, and depth. The implantation procedure is done by technicians who use traditional techniques while focusing on follicles extraction. There is more emphasis on the follicle survival rate as it is crucial after implantation.
  • FUE involves scarring while DHI doesn’t involve scarring. DHI procedure gives the patient maximum comfort with natural-looking results.
  • DHI involves minimal handling of follicle hair while FUE involves direct handling of the follicle hair. The minimal handling of the follicle hair is responsible for the high survival rate in the DHI procedure. Consequently, there is consistency and high-quality transplants.
  • DHI transplant is superior as it doesn’t involve the use of scalpels, stitches, detectable scarring, or pain, unlike FUE.
  • FUE requires canal opening before implantation. DHI only allows implantation to take place after extraction without necessarily creating slits or holes or implanting the grafts.
  • DHI has a short recovery time compared to FUE. Healing is faster because the holes are not as large as the grafts. You get back to work sooner.
  • FUE can have a loss of space while DHI uses opened canals that are fully grafted while means there is no loss of space. Patients get high hair density with DHI than with FUE. DHI can transplant 80 or 90 grafts in a square centimeter.

How hair transplant happens

FUE technique has replaced FUT in all situations, and it is a better alternative because it doesn’t leave any visible scars. Furthermore, FUE operation involves removing hair follicles from the sides or back of your head. Each graft contains about four hairs. The specialists use the right equipment and technology, which is crucial for quality results.

Cosmeticium uses experienced doctors and has the best equipment and techniques to do a great hair transplant. Consult the medical specialists to determine the right technique that is more appropriate and will give you the desired results.

The medical specialists apply anesthesia to numb the sensation of pain. The surgeons plan the hairline and frequency of your forehead to give you a more natural look. There is minimal damage to the graft section, and the recovery of the grafted hair is faster in that section. Dealing with professionals assures you of excellent results.

Dos and don’ts before the operation?

  • Don’t take any medication days preceding the hair transplant treatment
  • Don’t consume any alcoholic beverages
  • Minimize your tobacco intake or refrain from smoking it at all
  • Tobacco and alcohol lower the follicle survival rate

Aftercare services offered

The transplant area is extremely sensitive and needs to be protected from direct sunlight. Use shampoos on the second day after the surgery. Shampoos help prevent scalp formation around your hair.

Expect the transplanted hair to fall out in the first ten days. However, the hairs will begin growing after two or three months. The growth and volume will increase for the next 6-9 months. Cosmeticium offers quality hair transplanting service that gives you back your natural hair and eliminates baldness. The hair growth is consistent, and you get value for your money. You can learn more by consulting the surgeons at www.cosmeticium.com. Contact Cosmeticium’s Istanbul Hair Transplant centre for any inquiries.

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