Home Business News Following Tucker Carlson interview, Putin could be willing to ‘compromise’ on Ukraine

Following Tucker Carlson interview, Putin could be willing to ‘compromise’ on Ukraine

12th Feb 24 5:13 pm

Last week the former Fox News host Tucker Carlson travelled to Russia and held a face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin.

In an “off the record” conversation after the two-hour interview Putin told Carlson that he could be ready to compromise on Ukraine which could put an end to the war.

Carlson claimed that Putin told him after the meeting, “Of course, the very work of the leaders of any country on this planet, except perhaps the United States during a unipolar world, forces them to find a compromise.

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“This is what is called diplomacy. And he [Putin] is in among them (leaders who are ready to seek a compromise).”

Carlson also claimed that Putin said that Russia has no problem with continuing the war as their “industrial capacity” to produce mass artillery is far more advanced than the West realises.

He added, “Putin wants to get out of this war. He’s not going to become more open to negotiations the longer this goes on.

“One of the things we’ve learned in the course of the last two years is that Russia’s industrial capacity is a lot more profound than we thought it was.

“Russia, this country we were assured was a gas station with nuclear weapons, has a pretty easy time making missiles, rockets and artillery shells whereas NATO doesn’t.”

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