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How to arrange a medical treatment abroad

by John Saunders
25th Jun 22 11:37 am

International medical tourism gives you a chance to go to a foreign country for receiving either treatment or plastic surgery services of  higher quality or at lower price than at facilities located in your country. You can research and choose the best option through available online medical platforms like Bookimed.

Bookimed matches patients with the top hospitals worldwide

Bookimed is the top international medical tourism provider. Patients use this online platform to find the leading clinics worldwide. The Bookimed’s goal is to help patients arrange medical/cosmetic/dental treatment in any corner of the world. Newcomers can check real Bookimed patient experience and pick a hospital or a doctor themselves. It is a free option for people who are looking for advanced and affordable medical solutions.

Essential facts about Bookimed

  • The platform was launched in 2014.
  • 565,000+ patients have visited the Bookimed site to get medical assistance.
  • The team consists of 115 employees and 65 medical specialists.
  • The platform deals with more than 900 hospitals worldwide.
  • 3,618+ reviews about Bookimed.
  • Cooperation with 3,175 qualifies doctors.

How does Bookimed help patients?

Bookimed provides high-quality services to meet the highest requirements of its clients. The team of consultants and doctors is ready to provide urgent help in searching for the most affordable and suitable medical treatment according to your budget and needs.

All the patients’ requests are taken into consideration. It is the only way to gain a good reputation in the highly-competitive market. Even if a client doesn’t travel abroad, the team does its best to ensure an excellent customer service experience.

You will deal with medically-trained coordinators who can answer any question regarding the treatment abroad or medical trip organisation. Bookimed supports patients at all steps — starting at your first request submitted on Bookimed, during trip arrangement and treatment, and even after you come back home.

Patients’ health is a top priority, so a deep analysis of hospitals, doctors, and available treatment options helps patients make the right choice.

Why do patients trust Bookimed?

Over 1M patients have used the services of Bookimed, and the number continues to grow. So, why do people choose this online medical provider?

  • Prices can be checked on the side (no hidden fees are included)

Once you visit the site, you can find direct prices provided by partner clinics worldwide. You can check the costs in different countries for the needed medical procedure to make your own comparison. Bookimed is a 100% free service, so patients do not have to deal with hidden extra fees. Bookimed customers can negotiate discounts for specific procedures. The goal is to make medical tourism affordable to as many people as possible.

  • You deal with 100% trusted medical clinics

Bookimed cooperates with trusted medical centers only. Every added medical center on the website has to meet specific strict criteria, such as medical qualifications of the staff, technical equipment, professional customer services, and certificates from respectful medical and educational establishments. If a clinic can’t meet one of these criteria, it is refused to be listed in the catalog.

  • Feedback from real patients

The online platform accepts reviews and feedback from patients who use medical services via the Bookimed platform only. Newcomers can check real Bookimed patient experience and pick a hospital or a doctor themselves.

  • Free-of-charge services

All the services provided by Bookimed are free-of-charge for all patients. The online platform can arrange a medical trip for a customer from any side of the world. A patient pays for all medical procedures the same price as pointed at the official clinic’s price-list.

  • 24/7 customer support

The team provides excellent support 24/7. You can get in contact with a medical coordinator who will help you match with the most suitable clinic and doctor along with the most comfortable travel option.

How to arrange a medical treatment abroad with Bookimed?

You would like to find the best medical treatment option abroad, right? Let’s see how the Bookimed platform works.

  1. Start with submitting your request and specifying your particular health issue.
  2. One of the doctors will study your request and contact you as soon as possible.
  3. Bookimed will help you choose the top hospital/specialist to solve the health issue.
  4. As soon as you approve the offered medical treatment program, the Bookimed platform will provide you with the needed assistance in arranging the upcoming trip.
  5. You get customer support 24/7 during your entire medical journey abroad.
  6. Patients’ treatment process gets followed all the time to be sure that the final result is satisfying.
  7. Once you’re back home, you can share your experience, which will help other patients dealing with the same health issues.


The medical tourism sector is set to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic period. The demand for Bookimed services has been finally restored in 2022. Bookimed remains a top medical tourism provider globally, opening patients access to the best medical treatment practices. Bookimed coordinators apply an individual approach for each person studying a case in detail. So every person can count on the most suitable solution to their medical issues.

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