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How not to wreck your beginner crypto career

by John Saunders
29th Jul 22 5:11 pm

You’ve heard of the importance of failure, right? While it’s true that in life, people often make countless mistakes before they can achieve their goals, trading doesn’t have to be painful.

Here are some basic things to consider to avoid wrecking your crypto career.

1. Diversifying is key

The golden rule in investing is not to put all your funds in one cryptocurrency. Even if you are interested in Bitcoin, which has a huge potential because of its volatility and market sentiment, remember that a diversified portfolio is vital. From altcoins to commodities, the range of assets is huge.

On top of that, never jump right into the first crypto exchange you see without thinking of the pros and cons it brings. It’s a must to research every crypto exchange out there, what the benefits are, and see if it aligns with your goals as a trader or investor. The market is full of platforms, such as Coinbase or Bitcoin Profit, and each might have its own unique advantages over the others.

Choosing instruments that suit your own financial goals is essential, so always do your research before deciding on the platform that is best for you.

2. Invest only what you can afford to lose

Another problem in crypto trading is that investors keep ignoring some basic tips and fall victim to alluring promises. Throughout the years, there have been many hacks and scams that have led to enormous financial and social losses.

Besides, some people are extremely proud that they’ve invested all their money in cryptocurrency without knowing that they’ve already invested into committing one of the biggest mistakes, which can be detrimental to their financial state. The cryptocurrency market has a highly volatile nature, which means crypto values constantly change from high to low. Due to this impossible to predict market behaviour, profits are not guaranteed. While there have been cases of people who made it to the list of the top crypto millionaires globally, it’s no guarantee that the same thing will happen to you. Cryptocurrency is not easy money. One day, you may earn big; the next, you may lose all of your savings.

If success stories inspire, though, do not forget that success depends on skills, knowledge and in-depth analysis to succeed. If you carefully think about it, even past success cannot guarantee future results. Thus, never risk more than you can afford to lose.

3. Get the right timing

We come to the third point to consider: getting the timing right. Timing is crucial. Whether you want to invest in a new project or hodl crypto, it is all about planning and timing. Interestingly, there is a term in crypto “riding the wave” that refers to holding on to an asset while it is at its all-time peak. While this is not exactly a bad thing, this practice is not for everyone.

You should have a risk management strategy based on your own goals. Trade only at your own pace, without comparing your results to those of other traders. In fact, creating positive trading habits can only help you increase your expertise and financial mindset.

Remember that the world of cryptocurrency can either help you increase your profit or cause losses in just one night – depending on how you play your cards. So play them right on time.

In the end, to pave the way to a successful crypto career, it’s vital to follow the three points described above. Keep in mind that the field of crypto is a long game of testing your patience and decision-making skills, so it’s important to carry on due diligence.


The above information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by London Loves Business and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making (or refraining from making) any investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. London Loves Business bears no responsibility for any gains or losses.

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