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Hints that you are too stressed out at work

by John Saunders
23rd Mar 20 1:44 pm

Stress can be caused by many things but for adults, one of the many things that leads to stress is something work-related. While some think that being stressed at work is a normal occurrence, the truth is that this can become a big problem.

It’s been reported that over 15 million days are lost each year because of employees who are suffering from work-related stress. In the UK, it’s estimated that over 500,000 people are stressed because of work.

Aside from the lost work hours, work-related stress can become a big problem for an individual. When people are stressed, they tend to do things that they don’t usually do. Sometimes, they end up losing control of the things that they do and they just get in big trouble. If you feel like you’re stressed about something but are not sure if it’s about work, then here are some signs to look for.

You’re starting to do things that you normally do on the weekend even on workdays

Weekends are usually when people destress. The go out or stay at home and just sleep. If you’re someone who would only go out and have a few drinks on the weekend but then suddenly you have the urge to drink on a workday, then there must be something stressing you out.

If this goes unaddressed, the worse that could happen is that you start drinking every work night and turn up to work tired and hungover. There are even instances when employees would go to work drunk.

Aside from alcohol, some would become suddenly dependent on drugs or substances to get through the day. Some would heavily rely on sleeping pills to get a good night’s sleep or some would take other drugs to keep them awake.

Whether it’s alcohol or drugs, both can become big problems and lead to addiction. If you think that you’re now heavily relying on substances to cope with stress, seek help right away. Check the options from ARC Drug Rehab Centre when it comes to treatments.

You’d rather stay at home and skip work

Surely, for everyone, there are days when we feel like we’d rather stay at home. This is probably something that many would experience on Mondays, but if this is a feeling that you keep having on a daily basis, it just means that you’re avoiding work for a reason.

Now, even if you manage to get yourself to the office, you will feel like you still want to go home and just get away from there. It could be that the moment you sit on your desk, you’re just waiting for the clock to tell you that it’s time to go home.

You’re snapping at people at work without any good reason

When you’re too stressed, you start to get overwhelmed about many things that you unintentionally disregard the feelings of the people around you. This is why you’re more likely to snap on people when they ask you for something when you usually don’t.

This can be a problem as it could build tension between you and your co-workers. Try to always reflect on our actions especially if it includes snapping on someone. Think whether you have good enough reasons for this or you’re just overreacting.

When at home, all you think about is work

As much as possible, you should avoid bringing work at home to make sure that you keep the work-life balance in place. However, if you’re stressed something work-related, this could easily eat you up. Instead of enjoying your time at home, you can’t because you’re still thinking about work.

This could affect your productivity outside work and when everything starts to just revolve around your work, this can easily burn you out.

Your productivity is affected

Speaking of burnouts, this is something that could happen if you’re consistently stressed at work or if nothing in what you’re doing is satisfying you anymore. A burnout typically starts with stress or exhaustion.

This is why it’s important to determine what is stressing you out as early as possible. You should want to avoid feeling burnt out as this could greatly affect your mental and physical health. In fact, prolonged stress can affect your immune system and you could easily get sick because of this.

You should either fix the problem at work that’s making stressed or take a break and recharge before you face and fix the problem. This really depends on what is making you feel this way in the first place. What’s also important is that you talk to a supervisor or your manager about what you’re going through instead of keeping it all in until you get burnt out. Remember that you can always ask for help if you need it.

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