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Global video games market expected to reach $138bn by 2021

by LLB Reporter
27th Nov 19 6:51 am

With more than 2.5bn gamers who spent $152.1bn on games in 2019, the global video games market will continue to rise in the following years. According to GoldenCasinoNews.com research, the unified market is expected to reach $138bn worth by 2021. Compared to $52.8bn in 2012, the video games market value will enlarge 2.5 times in the next two years.

The leading players on the video games market

Revenues in the gaming industry are based on two significant sources, hardware like consoles, processors, screens, controllers or other accessories, and software or the actual games.

With $19.73bn in gaming revenues in 2018, a Chinese entertainment company Tencent is the leading player in the video games market. The second most successful video game company is Sony Computer Entertainment, which generated $14.22 profit the same year. Microsoft and Apple ranked fourth and fifth in the list, with more than $9bn income each. With $4.29bn of gaming profit in 2018, Nintendo took ninth place on the list of the most successful video game companies in the world.

Top 10 best-selling console games mark 369m sold units in 2019

The recent data confirm that the console represents the fastest-growing segment of the video games market. The console driven revenue has been rising for 13.4% year on year to $47.9bn in 2019. It is the second year in a row that an increase in this segment of the video games market will dominate mobile gaming growth.

The top ten all-time best-selling console games reached 369m sold units in 2019. With more than 82.5m pieces shipped worldwide, Nintendo’s Wii Sports is the best-selling console game in the world. As one of the oldest and most-influential games worldwide, Super Mario Bros ranked second on the list, with more than 40m sold units. Mario kart Wii sold nearly 36m units and ranked third on the list. The 2019 data show that more than half of the top 10 best-selling console games are linked with Nintendo.

Top 10 PC games reach almost 55m sold units in 2019

The statistics show the top ten best-selling computer games of all time reached nearly 55m sold units in 2019. With 7.96m pieces traded worldwide, Sims 3 ranked first on the best-selling PC game list. The second most profitable PC game of all time is World of Warcraft, which sold 6.35m units as of this year. With 5.26m  traded units, Diablo III ranked third on the list. The Blizzard Entertainment game was published in May 2012, selling over 3.5m copies with the first 24 hours of its release

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