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France is on the brink of war as Putin could declare Emmanuel Macron as one of Ukraine’s ‘co-belligerents’

by LLB political Reporter
4th May 22 11:27 am

France is on the brink of war with Russia because if Vladimir Putin decides the country is one of Ukraine’s “co-billigerents” then France will be at war with Russia.

Emmanuel Macron has sent more than €100m worth of weaponry to Ukraine which has raised tensions between Russia and France and there is a real risk of there being an escalation, a defence expert has warned.

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France refused to get involved in helping Ukraine until late April over fears it would move them closer to war with Russia.

Since France has sent weaponry and heavy artillery to Ukraine, this could “tip” France on the precipice of war with Russia, Defence consultant Jérôme Pellistrandi warned.

Pellistrandi told French broadcaster BFM TV, “If Putin considers that helping Ukraine with military means is co-belligerence, he could indeed say so.”

Pellistrandi added, “Co-belligerence is not a legal concept in international law.

“A state is free to help, to provide support in any form whatsoever to another state, all the more so because the latter has been attacked.

“This is the case with Ukraine. Ukraine is a sovereign state which has been attacked by Russia.

“And so it is legitimate to be able to help it in various ways, including through military aid.”

Pellistrandi continued, “The Yom Kippur War in 1973, where there was a massive airlift between the Soviet Union, Syria and Egypt, and on the other side, the United States doing the same thing to Israel. And the US and the Soviet Union did not go to war.

“Of course, there is the Vietnam War, where the Soviet Union supplied a lot of supplies to North Vietnam at the time, which was opposed to the South Vietnamese and the United States.

“And then, last example: it’s during the war in Afghanistan when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979.

“At that time, the United States armed what was called the mujahideen.

“And finally, a cinematographic example: the blockbuster Rambo III where there is no co-belligerence but where the Americans are present and help the mujahideen.”

Macron and Putin are due to hold a call whereby the Russian President will make his decision if France is fully participating with the war in Ukraine.

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