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Four rewarding career paths worth considering

by LLB Reporter
24th Nov 17 9:51 am

Looking for a change?

Not everyone gets to have a career that’s either emotionally and financial rewarding. We typically work for 40+ years, so isn’t it about time you had a career that you’re emotionally invested in, feels like it makes the best use of your natural talents and helps other people too?

Here are four careers that are rewarding on multiple levels.

Financial advisor

A financial advisor is someone who guides working people with their investment portfolio with the goal of helping them achieve retirement at an earlier age than they otherwise would. The advisor gets to meet people from all walks of life, understands them a little bit, discusses their goals for the future and crafts an investment plan that suits their risk tolerance.

Advisors are either paid by commission on the financial products they sell or on a fee-only basis where they receive a percentage of the assets under management as an advisor’s fee which should only increase when their client’s portfolio does. The fee-only option is becoming more popular with clients who dislike the incentive for commission-based advisors to recommend the product that pays the highest commission and not the best product for them.

Unlocked Graduates in the prison system

The Unlocked Graduates programme is designed to address the growing problem in the UK’s prison system of overcrowding and the high likelihood of offenders choosing to reoffend within a year of their release. The belief is that a lack of career options is a key driver of crime. Therefore, the new unlocked graduates have been trained to provide a tutoring role to encourage incarcerated people to study for further education while locked up. This way, offenders will be better equipped to apply for a job upon their release and in some cases jobs can be arranged that start upon their release which is expected to reduce the reoffending rate significantly.


Being a firefighter requires bravery, fitness, and the ability to go into a dangerous situation without flinching while relying on your training and your crew next to you. For a person who enjoys a little bit of danger but can handle themselves, this career choice might be for them. If holding down a desk job isn’t what you enjoy, then being a firefighter is certainly a different way to go.


Going to a shrink is becoming more acceptable in the UK now. As a result, psychologists see a wide range of patients with differing problems to talk through which keeps their day varied and interesting. The psychologist tends to take on the problems of their patients to the extent that they need to empathise with them and help them find a way through them. In cases where patients are deeply depressed, there’s also the potential to save lives when safely getting emotionally deeply wounded patients to see a brighter future ahead.

Picking the right career for you is essential to be happy in your work. Otherwise, you’ll never feel settled and able to achieve your full potential. If you feel like you’re in the wrong industry or your career isn’t what you want, determine the right career for you and find out what you must do to make the switch.

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