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Five telling signs it's time for you to change careers

by LLB Editor
20th Apr 16 11:25 am

Over 47% of UK workers were unhappy in their current careers and looking for a change

Deciding to change your career is one of the biggest decisions a person can make in their professional life. It can often seem quite daunting and, when faced with the decision of leaving your current job or sticking with it, many will choose the latter as the easiest option.

However, in late 2015 the London School of Business carried out a survey which revealed that 47% of UK workers were unhappy in their current careers and looking for a change.

With such a staggering number of workers wanting to switch their career, what are some of the tell-tale signs that you might be one of those looking for a change?

1. Loss of Enthusiasm

Can’t wait for the working day to end? Find yourself watching the clock for the time you can leave? This is an obvious sign that you’re beginning to lose your enthusiasm for your job and your heart isn’t in it anymore.

A loss of enthusiasm doesn’t just mean that you’re living for the weekend. It can inevitably lead to drop in your performance due to you simply going through the motions of a nine-to-five work routine.

If this sounds like something you can relate to then it might be time to rethink your career and consider why you’ve lost your enthusiasm in the first place.

2. You Feel Underappreciated

Nothing can be more disheartening in the workplace than feeling underappreciated in your current role. Putting in extra hours, taking on more responsibility is a great way to demonstrate to your employer your commitment and determination to succeed. However, have that hard work completely overlooked will surely impact the way you feel about the job itself.

Whilst you should speak to your boss to flag your concerns before deciding to resign, if it is an ongoing problem you’re experiencing you may feel it is the right time to make a change.

3. Found a New Passion

Letting go of a steady job with regular pay can be difficult, but it’s important to do something that you feel truly passionate about. As you learn and grow throughout your career, it’s normal for your passions to change.

You may have started working in your current role because you were passionate about the work but overtime this might have changed and you’ve discovered something else.

When you work at something you really care about you’re most likely to feel happier in the workplace as well as achieving excellent results for the company. If you’re finding that you no longer feel passionate about your career and feel drawn to something else, it’s important to take those feelings into consideration. After all, no one wants to do something they hate.

4. You’ve Gone as Far as You Can Go

Climbing the ladder in your respective field can give a great boost of confidence and sense of knowing you have done a good job. However, what happens when you feel you’ve hit a wall in your career progression?

Perhaps you feel like you’re not being challenged in your job anymore. In which case you want a job that you feel would make you work and think harder to succeed at. Or

on the other hand you may find you’re being overlooked for promotions in favour of junior members of the team which could mean your work either isn’t being noticed or isn’t as good as you had originally thought.

If you feel that you’ve stopped progressing in your career, maybe it’s time to take a step back and ask yourself why this could be.

5. Looking for a Better Work to Life Balance

When the London School of Business released their study looking at how many UK workers wanted to change career, it also looked into why they felt this. Out of those who said they would like to change, 35 percent of those said they wanted a better balance between their work and home life.

Many fast-paced jobs require long hours, working weekends and occasionally a lot of travelling which can eat into your personal time. Whilst this lifestyle might suit a younger person with few home commitments, circumstances inevitably change and once you have those commitments you begin to realise that they are not compatible with your fast-paced working life.

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