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First impressions count: How to make one

by John Saunders
22nd Jul 19 4:11 pm

In business, it’s important to make the right impression and the first impression certainly counts. There are so many aspects to making a good impression that it doesn’t come down to just one thing. Here are a few different things we can combine to ensure we don’t fail to put ourselves in a good light when we meet new business associates.

Dress well

How we look is absolutely the first thing that will be noticed about us in most situations where we meet a new person. Business attire has changed over the years and although it’s not as formal as it once was it is no less important to look impressive, it’s just that it’s within these boundaries you can be careful to ensure you have good looking, well-fitting outfits that work and are colour co-ordinated, This will show that you take a pride in yourself and also you carefully consider things rather than just going with a default option.

Present a confident attitude

If can combine a confident attitude with the above point of looking good then you will find that a lot of your work will already be done. It is important to present good posture, look the person you are meeting in the face and converse well and confidently with them. It’s important to be considerate enough to not let confidence spill into arrogance.

Drive the right car

Driving the right car can make a big difference in how you are perceived. This does not always mean a flash car but depending on the line of work you do and what is expected it is something to consider. You don’t want to turn up in an old, rust bucket and at least have a well maintained and presentable vehicle, this displays as professional attitude. If you do find you need a higher calibre vehicle then you might want to look at financing this and compare car loans on moneyexpert.com to see what you can afford.

Know who you are meeting

Make sure you have a good knowledge of who you are meeting when dealing with anyone. Know who they work for and what their role is in the organisation. Even being able to make decent small-talk on a personal level is helpful as people always prefer to deal with people who know them. So make sure you take 5 minutes or so to mentally prepare for any meeting.

Be up to date with your industry knowledge

Always be sure you are up to date with your industry knowledge and, in particular, where your company sits in the field and why anyone should choose you over a rival. If you keep up to date on your professional development and know what is going on then you always will be in a good place to answer any unexpected questions and will come across as the person to deal with.

Basically, all of this adds up to showing you are a professional, competent and useful person to know and if you can give that impression from the start it makes you a valuable asset to your organisation.

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