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Essential startup considerations

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15th Feb 21 4:00 pm

Startups are the rite of passage through which all successful business people must pass. If you want to make it to the big leagues, you have to start small. With everything on the line and few resources, you’re going to need help…

Creative automation

Creative automation can help you to conquer your marketing gremlins (see bynder.com for a definition of creative automation). For example, let’s assume you are going to spend a significant amount of time and money on branding. No startup can survive without finding an audience, so it would make sense to self-promote the features and benefits of your goods or services as effectively and as quickly as possible. But wait…

Different platforms suit different media types. Different regions come with different language considerations. The content you have composed might be too long for some readers and not long enough for others. What a mess, right? This is where creative automation can help you to tailor your posts across channels. Store, edit, and share your content, all from a centralised hub, ensuring you give each post a unique feel.

Research the market

You may already be familiar with an international series of TV shows that invite entrepreneurs to discuss their million-dollar ideas with angel investors. Most of the time the goods or services on offer are sorta-OK-ish, and an investor might make a heavily self-interested offer. But occasionally we get an idea that’s so laughable as to make us all turn to our friends or loved ones and say, “Even I know that’s a terrible idea, are they for real!?”.

The difference between entrepreneurs that stand a chance of securing investment and those that don’t is market research. And execution in all things, of course. But it essentially all comes down to market research. Is there a desire in your niche for the product or service you offer? Are you answering a query? Filling a need? Or are you merely following through on a hair-brained scheme and seeing how far your luck can take you? Learn to carry out market research and back all of your decisions with data.

Ask for feedback

Sticking to our theme of those get rich quick style TV shows, have you noticed how often feedback is ignored? Entrepreneurs are a special breed. They know how to get things done and they always – and without fail – possess the willpower to carry on regardless (a key trait in reaching the finish line when no one else can even see where the finish line might be).

But self-belief is not always the way.

If you are too proud to ask for feedback and too stubborn to accept that the feedback might be of value, you have stepped into the realms of cloud cuckoo land. People will help you to steer your business toward success for free. They will literally tell you what they like and don’t like about your goods or services.

You may not believe the customer is always right but if you want their money in your pocket, you better start at least pretending you care about feedback.

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