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Easy access to testing services in London

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2nd Jun 20 2:09 pm

It’s never been easier to access professional laboratory services for DNA, drug and alcohol testing in London. As well as two Walk in Centres located in Camden and Clapham, a trained network of sample collectors can visit any convenient address across the city to collect samples. This could be home, work or a solicitor’s office.

For legal DNA, drug and alcohol tests, all samples can be collected under chain of custody procedures to provide court-approved results. This involves checking identification and providing proof that the sample collection took place (such as taking photos of sample donors) to ensure that the intended individual provided the sample.

DNA testing in London

DNA testing is the most scientific and accurate way to prove that two or more individuals are biologically related. It can be used for immigration cases, probate and will disputes, and to solve family mysteries.

The most widely requested test is a DNA paternity test, whereby an alleged father can prove whether or not he is a baby’s biological parent. For this test, a mouth swab is all that is needed to collect cheek cells from the alleged father and child. When these samples are returned to our UKAS-accredited laboratory, they are analysed for up to 35 DNA markers, and results can be made available the same or next day.

Prenatal paternity tests can also be performed to non-invasively determine paternity of a baby before it has even been born. This innovative test can be performed as early as 5 weeks after conception and is completely safe to the mother and unborn child. The mother needs to supply a blood sample and the alleged father uses a mouth swab to collect his DNA.

Other DNA relationship tests include maternity, sibling, twin, grandparent, aunt and uncle, Y chromosome and single profile.

Our peace of mind home DNA tests can be easily bought online and posted direct to any address. They can also be bought at Home Bargains stores in and around London in Beckton, Southall, Waltham Abbey, Romford, Thurrock and Basildon.

Our immigration DNA testing service is the fastest in the UK. The rapid DNA results can be used for immigration cases, applications and appeals, and are accepted by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), UK Passport Office, the Home Office and UK courts.

Alcohol testing in London

A wide range of alcohol tests in London is available depending on the timescale of testing needed. Our customers include members of the public who are concerned for a family member’s wellbeing, social workers, probation staff, legal professionals and businesses which operate workplace testing.

We can test for the presence of alcohol in someone’s breath, blood, a sample of their nail clippings or hair. In circumstances where constant monitoring is necessary, we offer SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® (SCRAM CAM®). This is an ankle bracelet which can detect the presence of alcohol in sweat with accurate tests performed automatically at half-hourly intervals. Sometimes referred to as ‘sobriety tagging’ or ‘alcohol tag’, this is a useful tool for monitoring individuals who are known to be dependent on alcohol. SCRAM CAM® bracelets can be fitted at our London Walk in Centres or a personal appointment can be set up at a home address and staff are able to monitor data from the device and produce reports detailing the results.

Drug testing in London

AlphaBiolabs offers a range of drug tests including oral fluid, urine, hair and nail clipping analysis. Oral fluid and urine drug testing are quick, accurate and provide immediate results. Hair drug testing can provide a more comprehensive overview and can determine a history of drug intake for up to 12 months. By segmenting head hair samples into monthly 1 cm sections, a month-by-month profile of drug use can be attained. Nail drug testing can give an overview of up to 12 months.

An instant drugs test can be performed at one of our Walk in Centres, or a kit can be collected to take home. Expert sample collectors at the Walk in Centres ensure that the process is carried out quickly, efficiently and with no risk of contamination. This is ideal for those instances when you need to be certain that the results of a drug test are completely accurate and that the sample has not been tampered with.

To view all our testing services, please visit our website https://www.alphabiolabs.co.uk/. If you have any queries or require further information, please call AlphaBiolabs, the experts in testing, on 0333 600 1300 or email [email protected]

*Our Walk in Centres are located at: AlphaBiolabs North London, Kentish Town Health Centre, 2 Bartholomew Road, London NW5 2BX (Tuesday and Wednesday: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm); and AlphaBiolabs South London, Springfield Medical Centre, 110 Union Road, London SW8 2SH (Monday and Thursday: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm). For all appointments, please contact our Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300.

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