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Does the workplace cause hair loss?

by John Saunders
19th Feb 20 2:17 pm

Hair loss is caused by so many different factors, including some that can be directly linked to the workplace. This can have a huge impact on an individual’s self confidence and emotional and mental wellbeing, meaning both employers and those who might be experiencing hair loss should do all they can to promote a healthy environment.

Hair transplant are growing in popularity, most notably in cities that have a strong business sector. We’re looking at the link between hair loss and your working environment, as well as what you can do to feel better about your hair loss.

How is the work place linked to hair loss?

After genetic predispositions, hair loss is most likely to be caused by stress. Work, and being unhappy in your job is cited as the first cause of stress. This is because it is often linked to our money worries, too. Stress hair loss will initially be experienced as a lack of growth. This is known as telogen effluvium, which is a type of extreme thinning, induced by stress. It is possible for the stress-related hair loss to regrow if the stress dissipates.

Similarly, environmental impacts can damage hair follicles. Recent studies have been investigating this even further and proven that air pollution, as well as artificial ventilators, such as air conditioning units, can contribute to hair loss.

How to reduce the risk of hair loss in the office

Avoid air conditioning – Air conditioning is a great way to cool your office and make sure your employees are comfortable. However, wherever possible you might consider natural methods of cooling, such as opening windows.

Reduce stress – All workplaces come with an allotted amount of stress, but doing what you can to reduce the stress on individuals, ensuring their work load is fair and achievable is just another way you can help prevent hair loss.

Provide access to support – As established, sometimes stress is unavoidable. However, providing and promoting an open-door policy or access to emotional and mental health support in the workplace can give employees the tools to better manage their working and home lives. This could also reduce the stress caused by finances, and they might feel they are able to talk about money and request more when it is deserved.

Why do you need to avoid hair loss in the work place?

It’s not imperative to avoid hair loss, for some it’s going to be unavoidable because of their genetic makeup. However, it’s proven by psychologists and sociologists that attractive people, including those with hair, are more confident and more successful. This could be good for your business, particularly if you work in any kind of sales-based or customer-facing industry.

Hair loss can do untold damage to someone’s self-confidence. This is because it is so linked to identity and how an individual perceives themselves. Promoting a healthy environment and encouraging an open-door policy or providing access to counsellors and support, could prevent employees from taking time off for their health or medical procedures in the future. It could also improve your employee retention and the productivity of the workplace

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