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Different types of mirrors for your home

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22nd May 20 11:03 am

Today people have embraced the application of mirrors as an affordable alternative to enhance the aesthetic appeal at home. However, there are numerous types available in the market created for different purposes. You can use various mirrors in different rooms to brighten up and enhance the look. Still, you can use other types as decorative materials, especially when magnified with a customized frame. Here are several mirror types with different functionalities that you can use at home.

Plain mirrors

It’s the most common mirror type with a flat reflective surface, mainly found in bedrooms, bathrooms, and store dressing rooms. It produces an identical image of the object or person placed in front of it. The mirror has inverted reflections meaning that your left hand will appear on the right side of the reflected image. They come in numerous sizes you can find a small one for makeup purposes or a big one that fits on the wall. You can also find a variety of plain mirror shapes either rectangle, squares, octagonal or object like shapes, including flowers or toys. They are made from thin plate glass pieces that protect the surfaces from tarnishing. Some extremely reflective plain mirrors can also contain gallium or mercury elements.

Overmantle mirrors

Overmantle mirrors are the best accompaniment for your fireplace to add luxury and class to a room. Whether you have invested in traditional home decor or a contemporary look, there are several overmantle mirrors shape that will suit any living space. It helps to create an illusion in a spacious or lighter room by providing excellent reflective effects that open up more space. You can choose a mirror with a luxurious gold or silver leaf or one with an incredible ornamented wooden frame. Choose a frame style that will make the mirror appear as part of the fireside, one that will add structure to the room and a welcoming appeal.

Dressing mirrors

It’s a widely used mirror type found in almost every household in the bedroom or dressing room. Some models especially the long mirrors, look perfect when mounted on the wall. Other varieties come with inbuilt storage space, little drawers underneath. Placing a dressing mirror on a console table will help make your mornings less hectic since you can apply all your cosmetics easily. Based on your preferences or space available, you can choose either a small or large dressing mirror.

Customised Mirrors

Customised or miscellaneous mirror type comes in various designs, styles, sizes and colours to meet diverse preferences. It can be a special backsplashes mirror that adds a special touch to your kitchen or mirrored walls to give your bedroom a unique appearance.

You can also get various mirrors for different rooms with specialised flames to blend in with the theme. The customized mirrors come in different materials with unique shapes based on the size you order. You can choose to go for a customized full-length mirror or mirror tabletops to suit specific needs.

Non-reversing mirror

A non-reversing mirror, also known as a flip or right mirror allows you to have a view of something as if you are looking at it directly. If you make a particular movement in front of such a mirror, like waving your left hand, it reflects the exact change made. You should have at least two mirrors placed at 90 degrees, and the mirror works best in bathrooms or dressing areas. It makes dressing more comfortable, especially for the ladies as you easily spot all areas from your hair to your shoes without having to adjust the opposite of what you are seeing.

One or two-way mirrors

With this type, you require a mirror on one side and a see-through glass panel on the other. You get a reflection by keeping one side of the mirror dark while the other remains brightly lighted such that you see an image on the darkened side. While watching your favourite movies involving crime scenes, they utilize these mirrors in security observation desks and interrogation rooms. You can use them at home for security purposes by hiding the camera in a mirrored area.

Silvered mirrors

Such mirrors contain a thin layer of the silver material, deposited on the glass, which results in a highly reflective surface. Mainly, you can use them for decorative purposes in various rooms like the bathrooms. Silver makes a better mirror option since its highly reflective, lighter, and makes glass more robust, it’s also non-corrosive, and the mirrors will last longer. All these qualities make silvered mirrors a great resource while choosing decorations for your living room, bedroom or even furniture.


You can choose any of the above mirrors to enhance the natural light in a room, or expand the size of your room by creating more space illusion. You can also use custom-cut mirrors to enhance décor and add a unique appearance in your home. Also, hanging a mirror above your fireplace will draw attention to such areas. Whatever the purpose, you will find a suitable mirror type with varying functionalities to help enhance your household.

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