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Corbyn to call no confidence vote to stop no-deal Brexit

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
5th Aug 19 3:59 pm

Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader has said he will call for a vote of no confidence in the government in the autumn to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

Corbyn said Labour will do this “when we can win it,” and he added it would be at an “appropriate very early time.”

Although Johnson said the “last thing” he wants is to call a general election.

Corbyn said, “We will do everything to stop no-deal including a no confidence vote at the appropriate very early time to do it.”

He added, “The prime minister seems to be trying to slip no-deal through, slip past parliament and slip past the British people.

“Sorry, no-deal will be really serious.

“Serious for food prices, for medical supplies, for trade, for investment, and drive us straight into the hands of the sort of trade deal that Donald Trump wants to do with Boris Johnson.

“I’m sorry, it’s not on, it’s not acceptable. We will do everything we can to block it.

“There will be a no-confidence motion put at a point when we can win it and a point when we can make sure this government is not allowed to take this country out of the union with no deal, because of all the dangers there will be to the people of this country.”

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