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Common personal injury claims and importance of hiring a lawyer

by Sarah Dunsby
22nd Mar 24 10:35 am

Personal injury claims can arise from a wide variety of accidents and incidents, each with its own unique legal considerations. It’s a huge business, worth $53.1 billion in 2022. There are 39.5 million cases each where medical treatment was needed, and unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in the US – 45,222 died in 2020.

Understanding the most common types of personal injury claims and the value of hiring a team of experienced personal injury attorneys can help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Motor vehicle accidents

One of the most prevalent categories of personal injury claims involves motor vehicle accidents. This can include car crashes, truck collisions, motorcycle wrecks, and pedestrian or cyclist impacts with vehicles. Injuries from these incidents can range from relatively minor (e.g. whiplash, bruises) to catastrophic (e.g. traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, loss of limb). In 2021, 39,508 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents.

Determining liability, navigating insurance claims, and quantifying damages require the expertise of a skilled personal injury attorney.

Slip and fall accidents

Premises liability cases, often called “slip and fall” accidents, occur when someone is injured due to a dangerous condition on someone else’s property. Every year, one million people visit the ER after slips and falls. This type of accident can happen in retail stores, office buildings, restaurants, private homes, and public spaces. Injuries can include broken bones, head trauma, and back/neck injuries. Proving the property owner’s negligence is critical, which is where a personal injury lawyer’s knowledge of premises liability law is invaluable.

Medical malpractice

When healthcare providers fail to meet the standard of care, resulting in patient harm, medical malpractice claims can arise. These may stem from misdiagnosis, surgical errors, medication mistakes, birth injuries, and more, and 251k people die each year because of preventable medical mistakes. Establishing medical negligence is highly complex, requiring expert testimony and extensive documentation – areas where an experienced malpractice attorney is essential.

Product liability

Defective or dangerous products that cause injury can lead to product liability claims. This can involve consumer goods, vehicles, industrial equipment, and pharmaceutical drugs or medical devices. Identifying the liable party (manufacturer, distributor, retailer) and proving the product was unreasonably unsafe requires specialized legal knowledge.

Workplace accidents

Work-related injuries, from construction site accidents to repetitive stress disorders, often give rise to workers’ compensation claims, and preventable injuries occur at a rate of 3.2 per 100,000 workers. In some cases, a third party may also be liable, creating the need for a personal injury lawsuit in addition to a workers’ comp claim. An attorney can help maximize your recovery from all available sources.

Importance of hiring a lawyer

While it’s possible to pursue a personal injury claim without legal representation, doing so significantly reduces your chances of a favorable outcome. Personal injury lawyers offer numerous advantages:

  • Knowledge of the law
  • Negotiation skills
  • Access to experts
  • No upfront costs

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, consult an experienced personal injury lawyer to protect your rights and maximize your compensation. The right attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

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