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Cocktail bar hire: Elevate your event

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5th Nov 21 9:40 am

Drinks are an indispensable part of every type of event. Instead of worrying about what drinks to serve and how to manage the needs of your bar, you might find it more beneficial to enjoy the services of a mobile bar hire. Bar Brothers Events is a professional and award-winning bartender hire that can elevate your event and make it reach new heights.

Whether you are looking for a cocktail bar hire for a wedding, birthday party, office party, or any other type of event, we’ve got you covered. With professionally trained bartenders and high-quality equipment, our services will exceed your expectations.

In fact, a premium bartender hire will make your event a night to remember. Don’t just spend your time organising an event that your guest will forget the following morning. Instead, create a night that will stay in your guests’ minds for all the years to come. Get our luxury mobile bar hire and enjoy a wonderful evening.

Offer VIP treatment to your guests

No matter the event you are organising, your guests deserve the best! At Bar Brothers Events we know this very well, and for this reason, we are always striving to offer the best possible cocktail bar hire services.

A nicely crafted cocktail can really turn any occasion into a special one. Your guests will be welcomed with a glass of the most delicious cocktail they have ever tried, while the evening will already look promising.

In the meantime, Bar Brothers Events will take care of everything else. Our team of friendly bartenders for hire will entertain your guests and make them feel like the VIPs of the night!

Serve signature cocktails

The main advantage of getting mixologists for hire is that you can create your own signature cocktails for the evening. They can be your creations or the classic cocktail recipes you already know with a twist. No matter what you choose our experienced bartenders for hire can serve them to your guests.

Serving signature cocktails is one of those details that can make your event feel truly special. The thought process and the thorough organising will leave a memorable impression on your guests. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your drinks as Bar Brothers Events will be by your side to make all of your creations a reality.

Take advantage of professional bartender hire

When it comes to serving alcohol, there are always some things that you need to consider as it is a great responsibility. Nevertheless, getting a bartender hire will give you the peace of mind that there is highly trained staff behind the bar. The professional team will be certified and insured, thus giving you the confidence that your event will run smoothly.

All of the Bar Brothers Events’ employees can easily handle any unexpected events that can occur during the evening. Therefore, the only thing that you have to do is sit back, socialise with your guests, and enjoy the event you have organised.

Enjoy the flexibility of a mobile bar hire

There is no denying that a mobile bar hire gives you the flexibility to organise the perfect event, no matter the location. Wherever your party needs to take place, our bars and bartenders can serve your guests.

Knowing that you will have professional cocktail bar hire anywhere, gives you the freedom to search for the perfect location without limiting your choices. Bar Brothers Events will provide all the ingredients, a beautiful bar, all the equipment, glassware, ice, and anything else that will be required at the big night. In addition to this, we also take care of the transportation of all the equipment, as well as the post-even clearing, at your request. With services like these, you can enjoy absolute flexibility for the perfect event.

Stop worrying about liabilities

A risk that you run when you let your guest pour their own drinks is that you might run out of a specific drink. In this case, some of your guests might be disappointed as your bar will not be stocked properly.

In addition to this, if your guests are generous when they are serving their drinks, they might get intoxicated more easily, thus posing a risk to both your event and the other guests. However, a professional bartender can evaluate the situation and judge whether someone can drink some more. If that’s not the case, they will not serve them another drink, and in extreme cases, they will help you remove the intoxicated guest from the premises.

Add variety to your event

Getting mobile bar hire is more than just adding a drink catering service to your event. Bar Brothers Events has highly skilled flair bartenders that will entertain your guests and leave them awestricken with their jaw-dropping tricks. Flair bartending is truly the best way to break the ice and make your guests feel comfortable at your event. And to top things up, the bar will be serving the most delicious drinks so that you all get in the mood for partying.

Spend more time with your guests

There is no denying that hosting a party or event is a great responsibility, and you always need to be on the lookout. You never know when you will be needed as unexpected things can always occur.

However, when you get a cocktail bar hire, you no longer need to worry about the drinks for the night. Bar Brothers Events will take care of everything, from the mobile bar to the stocking of the bar, the glassware, and the ice. This way, you can sit back and feel like one of the guests of your party.

Bring your vision to life

A successful party is the one that has a clear vision and a consistent theme. Bartender hire will approach your theme with great care, making sure that the mobile bar fits it perfectly.

Organise the most memorable event with the help of Bar Brothers Events. Let us know what your dream event is, and we will make sure that it comes to life. Get a quote today.

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