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Brits revealed as ‘DIY Dummies’

28th Sep 17 10:19 am

A fifth of Brits admit that they don’t know how to do basic DIY jobs round the house

New research released today from Plentific, the home services marketplace, has revealed that a staggering 82 per cent of people admit to putting off DIY jobs. Almost a third of Brits admit to leaving DIY jobs for longer than a month, with 21 per cent confessing that they currently have more than four DIY jobs left uncompleted in their house.

The research also revealed embarrassingly large gaps in Britain’s basic DIY knowledge. 45 per cent of adults admit that they do not know how to fix a leaking tap, whilst a third of Brits (33 per cent) do not know how to bleed a radiator. 33 per cent admit they would need to follow instructions to change a light bulb and 27 per cent would need to look up how to change a fuse.

Even more worryingly, 28 per cent admit that they do not know how to put up a set of shelves and a quarter of people do not know how to drill a hole in the wall or put up a painting.

When questioned as to why they put off tackling these tasks, 39 per cent blame a lack of time, and a fifth (18 per cent) admit they simply do not like doing DIY.

In fact, DIY was ranked the second least favourable household task after ironing. When asked about which they would prefer to do, people admitted that they would rather mow the lawn, clean the bathroom and dust the house than do DIY.

Stephen Jury, spokesperson for Plentific said: “It is quite surprising that such a large number of Brits do not know how to do basic DIY jobs. We would always recommend that people look up instructions if they are unsure of how to do more complicated tasks; if you just hate DIY, on the other hand, you could always just call a professional to do your work for you!”

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