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Belarus warns without ‘hesitation’ they will use Putin’s nuclear weapons if they ‘face aggression’

by LLB political Reporter
13th Jun 23 4:12 pm

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said he is to receive nuclear weapons as they are “ready to be moved from Russia to Belarus” within in the next few days.

During a visit to the Minsk region Lukashenko said that “everything is ready, I think it will take a few days” and then Belarus will “have what we asked for,” then added there will also be a “little more.”

Moscow has previously stated that even though Belarus will hold some of their nuclear weapons they will hold complete control over them.

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However, Lukashenko made a worrying statement on Tuesday that there will be not “hesitation” that Belarus will use the nuclear weapons if believes his country faces “aggression.”

President Lukashenko said, “God forbid I have to make a decision to use those weapons today, but there would be no hesitation if we face an aggression.

“I believe no one would be willing to fight a country that has those weapons.”

He added that he doesn’t need strategic nuclear weapons, saying, “Am I going to fight America? No.”

Strategic nuclear weapons are used to wipe enemy troops on the battlefield whilst strategic weapons would devastate entire cities.

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