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Beginner’s guide: NBA betting lines explained

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15th Mar 22 3:24 pm

With so many people betting online, it’s only natural that you too want to try your luck. But if you’ve never placed any online bets, getting started may seem a bit complicated. With so many options to choose and so many things you need to learn prior, betting online may seem even more complicated than it actually is.

That being said, you’ll be advised to check NBA betting lines and see what your options are. And while sites like BetUS offer plenty of advice, you may still be confused about what betting lines actually are. That’s why we’ve prepared a simple guide to explain this concept better for beginner bettors.

What are betting lines?

Simply put, a betting line is a type of a bet where a sportsbook sets clear gambling odds. Here, the sportsbook will determine who are the favorites, as well as the underdogs, offering bettors a chance to choose which of the two they want to bet on. In the betting world, this is commonly referred to as “handicap”. Since the line (or the margin) is set between the two teams, only one of two outcomes will be possible – the team you’re betting on will either win or lose the game. This line will also determine the betting parameters.

How do they work?

Now that we’ve determined what betting lines are, it’s time to see how they work. For instance, in the upcoming game between Miami Heat and Houston Rockets, let’s say that Heat is the favorite. So, if a sportsbook believes that Heat will be X-points better than Rockets, they can handicap Heat by that number of points, which will create the betting line.

Therefore, the bettor can choose to back Heat and bet that they will win by the X number of points or back Rockets and bet that they will get within those X number of points. What’s great about line betting is that both outcomes will have equal odds, which makes this type of bet quite appealing to beginners.

How to place your bet?

Now that you understand how betting lines work, it’s time to place your bets. You’ll first need to find a reliable sportsbook and sign up with them, so that you can start betting. After that, simply look up the teams that are about to face one another and choose the one you wish to bet on. Once you’ve placed your bet, the only thing left to do will be to enjoy watching the game and hope your predictions were right. If not, you can always use that experience to improve your betting skills and tactics as you continue to learn more about this fun activity.


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