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Top five sites to buy Instagram followers UK (real and active)

by John Saunders
13th May 22 1:18 pm

Are you ready to start improving your IG presence by purchasing Instagram followers in the Uk, but just aren’t sure where to start?

You’ll want to avoid buying fake, cheap followers and certainly, you won’t want to waste your hard-earned cash. So how can you know where to find real followers that will actually boost your account?

You’re in luck! Because in this blog post, we’ll share our top five picks for the best UK sites to buy real Instagram followers. Plus we’ll answer tons of questions. Shall we begin?

1. Growing Social Media

First up is the number one site for buying real and active Instagram followers from the UK: Growing Social Media.

They sell followers from the UK that actively engage with your content by viewing your videos and leaving Instagram likes and comments. This genuine engagement that they provide has landed them in top Magazines like Forbes and Entrepreneur as the best place to buy followers on Instagram. Here’s what they guarantee:

  • Real Instagram followers
  • Money-back guarantee
  • follower refill policy

For more info, visit growingsocialmedia.com.

2. Instaboost

Next up is another popular site that sells the best quality Instagram followers in the UK: Instaboost.

They have a satisfaction guarantee policy, that ensures each follower that you receive, will be 100% real and will actively engage with your quality content. They have also been featured in Forbes Magazine. Here’s what they offer:

  • Active Instagram followers
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free refills on followers

For more information, visit instaboost.co.

3. The Social Savior

Buying Instagram followers from the UK that are real and active, at competitive prices can be done easily at The Social Savior.

This site has been a popular option among Brits for years as a place to boost their social media platforms. They sell genuine Instagram followers that are guaranteed to boost engagement rates and attract even more organic followers. With them you’re guaranteed to get:

  • 100% active followers
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Follower refills
  • Check out their website at thesocialsavior.com.

4. Buy More Fans

Another great option for purchasing real Instagram followers from the UK is Buy More Fans.

They offer all kinds of followers that will work to actively boost your account, via genuine engagement. With them, not only will your follower count rise, but your posts and videos will also get more attention. They offer:

  • Real followers
  • Money-back policy
  • Free follower refills

For more info, check out buymorefans.com.

5. Socially Go

Finally, we have another great UK site for purchasing real and active followers: Socially Go.

This site has a variety of follower packages to choose from and also guarantees legit engagement via Instagram comments, likes, and video views. They guarantee their customers the following:

  • Genuine followers
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Follower refills

For more information, check out sociallygo.co.

Frequently asked questions about buying Instagram followers:

Ok, so now you know the five best sites to buy Instagram followers in the UK from. But what about all those other burning questions you have about buying Instagram followers? Let’s answer them now!

Is Buy Instagram Followers UK legit?

Yes, the site called Buy Instagram Followers UK is a legitimate place to purchase followers in the UK. This site is safe and secure however, it offers both real and fake Instagram followers.

Can you buy Instagram followers UK?

Yes, you can buy Instagram followers UK. Doing so is an effective way to gain social proof and strengthen your follower count for the long run. All of the sites mentioned in our list of top 5 places to purchase followers sell real followers in the UK. You can also find similar lists at this link: www.hollywoodgazette.com/2022/04/07/best-sites-to-buy-instagram-followers-uk. If you would like to compare more sites, visit this page: www.finderr.co.uk.

Can you legally buy followers on Instagram?

Yes, you can legally buy Instagram followers. It is 100% legal to purchase followers for your favorite social platform and Instagram accounts. There are no laws in existence that prohibit the use of Instagram services like the ones mentioned previously in this blog post.

Where can I safely buy followers?

You can buy Instagram followers safely from any of the five legit sites to buy Instagram followers mentioned above in this blog post.

Can you buy active Instagram followers?

Yes, you can followers on Instagram that are 100% active. buying active followers in the UK is one of the fastest and most effective methods for boosting your follower count and improving the engagement rate of your Instagram account. You can find active and real followers from any of the five reputable sites mentioned previously in our blog post.

What is the best site to buy Instagram followers from the UK?

The best site to buy followers on Instagram from the UK is growingsocialmedia.com. This site is the best because they sell real Instagram followers at competitive prices and offer a nice selection of follower packages. They also offer free follower refills and a money-back guarantee.

How to purchase followers in the UK

Purchasing followers in the UK is a pretty straightforward process. Simply follow these steps in order to get the best results.

  • Choose a reputable site: We’ve already done the hard work for you and narrowed it down to the five best sites in the UK.
  • Select a package: Once you’ve chosen a site, take a look at the various packages they offer their customers, and then select one that best suits your needs.
  • Enter your Instagram username: In order to receive your followers, the site will need your Instagram username (never your Instagram password)
  • Make payment: Follow the site’s instructions in order to make payment and finalise your purchase.
  • Wait for delivery: Once your purchase is complete, all that’s left to do is sit back and wait a few days for your new followers to be delivered. Note that instant delivery is typically not an option when you’re shopping at the best sites. More on that later on in this blog post.

Where to buy:

You can buy high-quality followers in the UK from any of the following safe and secure, best sites/social media marketing services:

  1. growingsocialmedia.com
  2. instaboost.co
  3. thesocialsavior.com
  4. buymorefans.com
  5. Sociallygo.co

 How much do social media marketing services cost?

The average cost of the service mentioned previously is around £20 per 500 followers, in the UK. But overall, the answer to this question will depend on how many new followers you buy and whether or not you’re purchasing followers that are real or fake.

Is it safe?

Yes, buying followers is safe. When purchase you your new followers from and of the best sites mentioned previously, you can be sure that you’re buying real IG followers, and therefore, you will be receiving real engagement. And getting real engagement on your Instagram posts from organic followers is in no way risky or unsafe. So if you are asking yourself this question: Is it safe to buy fake Instagram followers? The answer is yes. It’s totally safe.

Is it legal or illegal?

Buying UK followers is 100% legal. It is not illegal to purchase Instagram real UK followers. You can legally buy IG followers at no risk, and in return, your Instagram account will receive not only more followers but a long-term improvement in performance and growth. So if you are asking yourself this question: Is purchasing Instagram followers illegal? Rest assured that it is 100% legal.

Can my Instagram account get banned?

No, your Instagram account cannot get banned for buying followers. Using social media marketing services like any of the five mentioned previously, will not make Instagram shut down your account. This is because the best sites listed above do not sell fake accounts, but instead real and active ones. And gaining more followers that real is not against any rules.

What ways can I pay?

You can typically purchase Instagram followers in the UK via a few different options. The best sites will usually offer Paypal and credit card as payment methods. And these days, some sites even allow customers to pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Where can I buy IG followers for £1?

You can easily purchase Instagram followers for £1 from tons of different sites, but that doesn’t mean you should buy them. And here’s why. Cheap IG followers simply aren’t worth your money. Fake followers will cost less, but they will not engage with your Instagram posts.

Real followers, on the other hand, will engage with your Instagram account. Real Instagram subscribers are 100% worth the small amount of money paid, but fake IG followers certainly are not.

What’s the difference between fake accounts and real ones?

Engagement is key when it comes to social media marketing, and fake Instagram followers simply don’t cut it. While it’s true that fake IG followers cost less than real ones, they are also far less effective.

Real Instagram users will engage with content (an Instagram post, a video, or even your story), which means that they will leave comments and share your content with their own followers. As a result, when you purchase Instagram followers that are real, you’ll ensure that your engagement levels remain high.

Which kinds of Social Media followers are best?

All kinds of social media followers are valuable. But the answer to this question will depend on what platform your targeted followers are more active on. If that’s Instagram, then you’ll want to pay for followers versus other platforms.

In the end, whether you’re a business owner or an individual, having more followers on Instagram than your competitors do will help more people things like your latest Instagram post or video, and help your Instagram profile, in general, get more attention.

Can I purchase followers if my Instagram profile is private?

Yes, you can purchase followers on Instagram even if your Instagram profile is private. Anyone can buy UK Instagram followers It doesn’t matter if their Instagram page is private, public, professional, or individual.

Where should my followers come from?

You should buy Instagram followers if your targeted followers are located in the UK. Your active followers should have names that match your ideal Instagram users. That way, you’re more likely to attract even more legit followers and will create more interest in your Instagram page.

Do sites require your Instagram password?

No, you should not be required to ever share your IG password when you buy these services. For example, the best site mentioned previously, only requires your account username and payment info. That’s all. It’s never a good idea to share your password.

Can I get instant delivery?

When you buy IG followers through quality sites to buy Instagram fans (like the ones mentioned previously) then you will typically not receive instant delivery. Instant delivery is usually only available when buying fake Instagram accounts. When you buy real followers, the time it takes for them to arrive is a bit longer, making instant delivery impossible.

How many should I buy?

You can buy as many real followers UK as you need. Keep in mind that buying followers is a subjective process. It all depends on how many UK Instagram users are following you, to begin with and also whether or not your buy high-quality followers or cheaper fake followers.

Some people will reach their goals after buying 500 followers on Instagram UK, while others might not be satisfied until they have a higher number of followers than their competitors.

Why are IG fans important?

Followers are important because they play a critical role in helping you grow your Instagram presence and reach new audiences.

Whether you want to attract more followers, build credibility and influence in your niche, or simply boost the engagement on your posts, buying real Instagram fans can be an effective way to achieve these goals.

By purchasing fans from reputable sites like those listed above, you can be sure that you’re getting quality followers who will engage with your content and help you reach your goals.

How often should I shop for fans?

Buying Instagram followers can be done as often as you want. But buying Instagram followers in a slow manner or rather quickly, will still bring results. The only thing that has the potential to change the effectiveness, is whether or not you buy active and real UK Instagram followers or fake ones.

What site has the best customer support team?

All of the sites mentioned above in this article have great service and a quality customer support team. If you have any questions or concerns about their Instagram services, contact them.

How much does it cost?

When you buy Instagram followers you’ll typically spend between £20 to £50 per package, depending on if you buy real Instagram followers or fake Instagram users.

How many Instagram users will engage?

When you buy high-quality followers, then you are guaranteed that all of them will interact with your Instagram profile. In turn, this interaction will attract even more new followers and boost your social proof on Instagram UK.

Where can I buy Instagram likes?

All of the top five best sites to buy Instagram fans form, also offer likes, comments and views, aside from an increase in number of followers. We mentioned these particular sites to buy followers from, because they offer great service all around for the IG social media platform.

What amount of followers should I buy at once?

There is no definitive answer to the question of how many followers you should buy on Instagram at once. Ultimately, the number will depend on a variety of factors, including your goals for building your follower base and how quickly you want to see results.

Some users may be happy with just a few hundred extra followers, while others may prefer to purchase more in order to maximise the impact of their efforts.

Additionally, the price of followers can vary greatly depending on where you buy them from. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what amount of followers feels right for your needs and goals. However, just keep in mind that sometimes it pays to move slowly and carefully when it comes to maximising growth. After all, slow and steady often wins the race when it comes to online influence!

Will my new followers have British names?

Yes, the UK sites mentioned above guarantee that all their followers are real and that they have real British names and profiles, ensuring that your content gets a further reach and becomes more visible amount your target audience. When you shop for fans from sites that are located overseas, you will not get the same guarantee that your fans will have English names. While there’s nothing wrong with having followers from different areas, it is, however, important to have a fan base that will attract even more organic fans from your region, that will be able to relate to your content.

Who should be paying for followers?

When it comes to using Instagram, one of the most important factors is having a large following. Having a large number of followers on your IG account can dramatically boost its visibility and effectiveness, helping you reach more potential customers or clients.

But growing your following organically can be challenging, especially if you don’t have much existing social presence or aren’t very active on other platforms. In this situation, one option that some people may choose to consider is buying Instagram fans. This can be an effective way to quickly boost your follower numbers and make yourself look more popular and influential on the platform.

What is the best place to buy Instagram followers from the UK?

The best place to buy followers on Instagram from the UK is growingsocialmedia.com. With this site, you can buy followers that will be worth every penny spent. They guarantee real results via real, genuine followers and engagement. So if you’re ready to buy followers and get quick and long-lasting results, this is the place to do it.

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