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Prime Minister committed to get flights to Rwanda ‘as soon as possible’

by LLB political Reporter
15th Apr 24 3:33 pm

The Prime Minister is committed to getting flights off the ground “as soon as possible” for Rwanda and this “has not changed.”

Downing Street refused to be drawn into whether or not the flights could take off in spring.

Sky News reported that when asked if it could end up happening in the summer, Rishi Sunak’s official spokesman said, “Our commitment remains to get flights off as soon as possible, and that has not changed.

“Clearly this week the PM is focused on ensuring that the bill progresses through parliament as quickly as possible.

And once the Safety of Rwanda Bill and the treaty are in place to get flights off as soon as possible then we’ll set out further details on operational plans subsequently.

Sunak’s spokesman was pressed again if the flight will take off in the spring for Rwanda with asylum seekers, he said, “We remain committed to the timetables previously set out.

Downing Street are also urging all Ministers to “unite behind” the Rwanda Bill to get this done so that asylum seekers can finally be sent to Rwanda.

When asked what is the Prime Minister’s message to the House of Lords, Sunak’s spokesman said, “This week parliament has the opportunity to pass a bill that will save the lives of those being exploited by people-smuggling gangs.

“It is clear that we cannot continue with the status quo which is unfair and uncompassionate.

“Now is the time to change the equation against gangs and unite behind the bill.”

Asked if Ministers will make concessions on Lords amendments, the spokesperson added, “We’ve always been clear that the bill as previously passed by the House of Commons is the right bill to get flights off the ground.”

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