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Possible bet types in football and their procedures

by Sarah Dunsby
27th Jan 19 8:43 am

Sports betting is becoming more and more popular. Many millions of customers in Germany alone can already be found among online bookmakers. The joy in using one’s own knowledge and proving it against others is the reason for the participants in sports betting. Football is the main focus of sports betting. It is actually a matter of course, since football captivates virtually all sports enthusiasts around the globe and there are numerous national and international leagues to bet on. But despite the great popularity of sports as well as sports betting, there are still many uncertainties about what sports betting is, how it works and where it takes place. So that these questions are clarified once, the following article gives information about the topic.

Betting and sports betting have been around since the very first tournaments in the world. Bets on the first Olympic Games and the gladiator fights in ancient Rome already took place in antiquity. With the development of the Internet many new possibilities came, one of them was that sports betting was now also possible online. Similar to social networks, you can create a user account with a so-called bookmaker, deposit money and place various bets on the most prominent sports.

However, this was not always so easy, because until a few years ago online sports betting was not legal in Germany. It was not until 2011 that the market opened partially, which made it possible for companies and customers to offer and perceive sports betting on the Internet in Germany. Then sports betting quickly became the hobby of many sports enthusiasts who recognized the opportunity to turn their knowledge into a little money.

The offer of the bookmakers

From the time when sports betting was offered on the Internet, you no longer had to go to the betting office and place bets there. Now it was possible to enter the options on the computer, mobile phone or tablet from the comfort of your own home. In terms of betting and sports, there is something for everyone. As a rule, the big bookmakers offer around forty different sports. Among them, of course, are the best known such as football, basketball, volleyball, Formula 1, NASCAR, tennis, golf as well as exotic sports such as netball or surfing. As a participant in sports betting, you do not have to register an account with a bookmaker for each individual sport, but all bets are placed on one platform.

The different betting options

The breadth of the bookmakers’ offer includes the number of different sports as well as the respective leagues which can be found on the platform. The depth of the offer describes the number of possible bets offered on a single sport. These are the so-called betting options. They can be perceived as single bets, combination bets or system bets. A betting option is, for example, the winner of a game, a player’s goals, in which minute they are scored and much more. The football with the most betting options for the first leagues is at the top of the list. In this sport alone, there are around 40,000 different betting options that can be selected for a single game. It is even possible to bet on when a particular player will be substituted and even if there will be a game interruption due to a speedster. There are no limits when it comes to betting.

The possible bet types

The innumerable betting options in football can be made in different ways. As mentioned before, there are several bet types. The first is the single bet. This is the activity of the participant that he takes a single bet. An example is that team A wins against team B, or that team C loses against team D. The betting is based on the individual betting. There is only one betting option.

The higher level is the combination bet. This is an offer of bundled bets. According to this, bets can be placed on several games, or several betting options, with one bet at the same time. For example, you can bet 15 Euros that Team A will win against Team B and that Team C will lose against Team D. As a rule, a combination bet includes ten to twenty individual betting options.

The system bet is one level higher. These are several combination bets, which are again combined in a single bet. This makes it possible to bet on even more individual betting options at the same time.

Simply minimize the risk

The reason for these combined bets is that by spreading a bet across multiple betting options, the risk is reduced. Here is a concrete example. If a single bet option is selected, for example, that Team A wins against Team B and the event does not occur, then the bet amount is lost. But if you bet that team A wins against team B, team C loses against team D, team E draws against team F and team G wins against team H and only one event does not occur, you have not lost any money, but despite a lost bet, still made a profit. Of course, the goal is that all individual bets are made with a win, but if this is not the case, the chances of winning are still very good.

The risk is always a fellow player

It is usually not possible to eliminate one hundred percent of that risk. It is always an integral part. But what is possible is to keep the risk as low as possible. On the one hand, this works by placing several bets and thus reducing the risk of losing the money. The other way to keep the risk low is to obtain comprehensive information on the subject of sport. Knowledge and power and the basis for successful sports betting. In order to make the option of winning Team A against Team B certain, you need to know both teams.

For this, current topics, events and news about the teams have to be collected. Sports betting can only be successful and responsible with comprehensive knowledge. Therefore the respectable bookmakers, who are to be found all together on https://openodds.com/best-free-bets-offers/, administer on the betting portals sections with current messages and topics over sport. The moreover one Tipps and tricks of professional bet participants as well as their strategies are revealed. On the basis of knowledge about the sports, including advice from experienced players and the right strategy, even beginners are immediately in the lag to successfully place bets.

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