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9 Proper ways to write an essay

12th Apr 18 9:40 am

Give it some thought

Think before you write

One of the biggest mistakes students often make is that they never take a substantial amount of time thinking of what to write in their essay before actually starting writing it. In this case, students who take less time to think of what to write often run out of ideas a few sentences into their writing. Many students hurriedly start writing their essays only to find themselves stranded and frustrated a paragraph or two down their writing after realizing they have run out of relevant points. The importance of thinking of the essay topic prior to starting to write cannot be overemphasized. You may consider going for custom essay writing services where competent essay writer will help you come up with great argumentative ideas and a strong thesis statement that will set you on the course for an excellent grade.

List your ideas

After thinking and brainstorming ideas about your essay topic, it’s time to put them down on paper. The essence of writing down your ideas is mainly to organize the layout and structure of your essay as well as to avoid forgetting the ideas. It is funny how ideas may evaporate from your mind immediately you start writing your essay. In addition to this, having a list of ideas will help you determine the flow of your essay, its length, the major points, the arguments and also the building blocks to your arguments. This way, the objective of your essay will be clearly curved out, and so you won’t have to aimlessly beat around the bush when trying to present your ideas to the reader.

Have a captivating introduction

The introduction of your essay is really your sales pitch to your reader. It is therefore extremely important that you carefully structure your introduction in such a manner that it will captivate your reader to the extent of wanting to read through the entire essay. A poor introduction a will inevitably give your reader a negative impression of you as well as your essay. No matter how strong your points are or how strong your argument is, a poor introduction is likely to blind your reader from seeing your impressive points in the body. Your thesis statement is the most important component of your introduction as it is the foundation upon which your entire essay is built on. Thesis writing services are a great option since they come with a quality guarantee and free revisions in case you are not fully satisfied with the work. But the most important thing is, have a great thesis statement; awaken the reader’s curiosity of wanting to read through your essay entirely.

Be creative

Creativity is integral to writing a proper and great essay. Think outside the box. Be original. One of the biggest mistakes students make is that of ‘borrowing’ ideas and giving readers content that has already been presented to them before. Using creative writing services would be a great option to take since you are guaranteed of original content in the shortest turnaround time possible. While it is not wrong to research by looking at other people’s ideas, take them and be creative enough to come up with something original that stands out.

Refrain from using too much jargon

Many students tend to use jargons in their essays with the aim of impressing their readers. Unfortunately, things don’t always go that way. You may find students using jargon that is unknown to their readers. As a result, a reader may end up not fully understanding what you are trying to say in your essay. Be selective and moderate in your use of jargon.

Avoid vague repetitions

There’s no better way to piss off your reader than to use empty repetitions. Some students are in the habit of repeating ideas and including senseless sentences in their essays to meet the required length. This ultimately results in a poorly written essay characterized by poor quality. The best thing students to use vague repetitions do is to beat around the bush and piss their readers off. The thing is, focus on comprehensively addressing each point as much as you can without repeating the same points over and again. If you feel you’re running out of ideas, you can access custom writing services where you get your essay done with originality, quality, and aptness in mind.

Simplicity is the way

Present your ideas in the simplest way possible. Do not complicate yourself. Use well-elaborated sentences that are clear and easy to understand. Failure of maintaining simplicity when writing your essay will likely lead you to have grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Over and above, this will give your reader easy an easy time to read and enjoy your essay.

Stay on track, build on your thesis

Do not go off course. It is important that you stick to supporting your thesis throughout your essay by tackling the points and ideas that you listed before starting to write your essay. This is important as it will determine the quality of your essay. Let your reader see how your point is connecting with each other, the way you present your ideas and the way you support your argument.

Structure a captivating conclusion

The conclusion being the culmination of it all, take your time to write a great conclusion that will wrap up your ideas and give conclusive support to your thesis. Be precise as much as possible in writing your conclusion. Avoid being too wordy as this causes your conclusion to miss the mark and end up being vague. In writing your conclusion, be sure to reiterate your thesis statements and the reasons for your opinion which are the supporting ideas that you have elaborated in the body of your essay. In addition to this, you can use proofreading services to help you make necessary corrections to your essay before submitting it for grading.

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