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100,000 Brits could die from coronavirus expert warns

by LLB Reporter
2nd Mar 20 4:19 pm

Professor Paul Hunter, an expert in infectious diseases, spoke on This Morning saying that he fears coronavirus could kill 100,000 Britons.

Professor Hunter said he is “substantially less optimistic than six weeks ago, I think it’s pretty close to inevitable [that we’ll see a global spread].”

The Professor suspects coronavirus will continue through the “summer” in the UK. He said, “Personally, I don’t think it will disappear completely and I think we will see a resurgence of it come winter, early next year, and hopefully by then we’ll have a vaccine to protect our most vulnerable people.”

The Department for Health announced on Monday afternoon there are now four more confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK, the total is now 40.

England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty said the four new UK cases had all travelled from Italy.

The four patients are from Herefordshire, Kent and Devon, PHE has already started tracing those who have been in contact with them.

Professor Paul Cosford explained to Good Morning Britain, that “the extent of infection we are seeing in other countries suggests it is likely that we will see more widespread infection in the UK.

“We should expect at times that might be quite challenging for us, it is therefore very important that we do everything we can to reduce the spread of infection.

“At the moment, the vast majority of cases we see in the UK are still linked to countries where there is more widespread infection, either in Italy or South East Asia.

“It is true to say there is a small number now where it is much more difficult to find that link, and that is leading us to think we may well see more widespread infection in the UK fairly soon.

“It could happen in the next few days or it could take a little longer.”

Globally there are now 80,071 across 53 countries out of 195, and the death toll has now reached 3,044.

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