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10 facts Yule never know about Christmas

by LLB Reporter
22nd Dec 17 3:10 pm

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London Loves Business would like to wish all of its readers a very Merry Christmas and leave you with some fun facts about Christmas you can share with your friends and family:

  1. There is no reference to angels singing anywhere in the bible.
  2. Many theologians estimate that Jesus Christ was not born on 25 December or even in the year 1 A.D. but sometime between 4 B.C. and 6 B.C. and most likely in the Spring as shepherd wouldn’t be watching their flocks in the Winter.
  3. The first Christmas was believed to have been celebrated in Britain in York in 521 A.D.
  4. The abbreviated Xmas is not religious, X is Greek for Christ.
  5. Many parts of a Christmas Tree can be eaten but it’s pine needles that have a fresh minty flavour  which is full of vitamin C and can be added to anything from your roast to your Christmas cocktails.
  6. Robins on Christmas cards are inspired by British postmen who delivered the Christmas cards in 19th century and wore bright red uniforms.
  7. Hanging stockings out is a Dutch custom when kids used to leave carrots or hay in their shoes overnight for St. Nicholas’ donkey to eat. St. Nicholas would take the hay and carrots and replace them with small gifts and treats for the children in the morning.
  8. US scientists calculate that Father Christmas would have to travel at 820 kilometres or 650 miles per second to deliver all the worlds presents on Christmas Eve.
  9. In Greece, Germany, Spain and Italy, workers get a Christmas bonus of one month’s salary by law.
  10. Hanging presents on trees may have come from the Druids who believed the tree was the giver of all good things.

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