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Why you should hire a business analytics tutor

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7th Jun 19 1:06 pm

Making it in the business world is never going to be easy. It doesn’t matter what industry you end up working in, you will be competing against numerous other entrepreneurs and businesses, especially in such a competitive hub such as London. In order to succeed in this cutthroat, dog eat dog landscape, you will need to secure every advantage you possibly can.

You should never turn down an opportunity to enhance your business skills; in fact, you should try and create learning opportunities for yourself wherever possible. A business analytics tutor can teach you everything that you need to know about how to analyse the success and effectiveness of your current business plans. Data is a powerful tool when it is used properly, and learning about business analytics will equip you with all the skills you will ever need to effectively analyse business data and formulate new solutions based on your current performance.

If you think that a business analytics tutor could help you to achieve your full potential as an entrepreneur in London, then you should consider it a worthwhile investment.

Here are some of the key reasons why you should hire a business analytics tutor.

One-on-one learning

Learning is a very individualistic thing. Not everyone learns in the same way or responds to the same teaching techniques. When you are part of a class or larger group, the instructor or teacher will use a teaching style that is designed to be as broad as possible. However, when you are learning one on one, then the tutor is able to tailor their teaching to your individual learning style.

There are no doubt some subjects that are better learned as part of a group. For example, if you want to become a better actor, then you will gain much more from working with a group of other actors than you will in a one on one session. However, when it comes to business analytics, you want your tutor to be able to tailor their lessons to you.

Business analytics brings together a whole host of different skills. Not only will you need to be able to work well with numbers, but you will also need to develop your critical thinking abilities so that you can apply your analyses to your business in the real world.

Work to your own schedule

When you are learning as part of a class, you will, of course, need to turn up at the right time. This is a small thing, but it can make a big difference to your learning experience. If you are attending a class with other students, then you’ll need to adjust your schedule so that you can fit in your learning sessions. By comparison, a personal tutor can be called upon whenever they are needed and can work with you to devise a schedule that fits around your other commitments.

Another consideration is that classes are often run for a set period of time. This can make things difficult if you join in with one of these classes after it has already been running for some time.  With a one on one tutor, you don’t have to worry about this. You can start and end your studies whenever you see fit, and can even take breaks for the holidays.

Help with academic studies

There are many entrepreneurs out there who can benefit from some business analytics tutoring, but not everyone is cut out for the academic world. If you think that you have what it takes to earn a formal business analytics degree, you should consider enrolling with a leading university. Studying online makes it easy for entrepreneurs to learn while they work, rather than having to choose between their studies and their business.

In order to give yourself the most chance of success when studying for any degree, a tutor can help you. But with business analytics, a personal tutor can be especially valuable. If you can find a business analytics tutor in London who has experience in your specific industry, this will give you access to specialist knowledge and advice that you might otherwise miss out on.

Earning a business analytics degree will definitely equip you with new skills and knowledge that will enable you to kill it as an entrepreneur, in a way that’s difficult without the data-driven approach that business analytics favours. But the benefits of earning a business analytics degree go far beyond these immediate benefits. Having a business analytics degree on your resume will make you more attractive to employers and will make it easier for you to secure management roles in other companies.

Focus your learning

When you learn as part of a larger group, you are at the mercy of whatever curriculum has been set, whether by the tutor or by an external body. As a student in one of these classes, you won’t have any choice over what exactly is taught. If you hire a personal tutor, on the other hand, you can focus on the specific topics that you find the most difficult.

A good tutor will do more than steer you through the subjects that you are weakest at. They will also help you to nurture your talents for the things that you are good at. Where you are able to excel and distinguish yourself from most other students, your tutor should be looking to help you reach as high as you can. When you are part of a larger group, this kind of individual attention isn’t feasible.

Build self-esteem and confidence

Entrepreneurs don’t just need to know what they’re doing; they also need to know how to do it. There are plenty of people who make excellent entrepreneurs on paper but who struggle when they are put into the wild. This is often because they lack the self-confidence needed to put forward their own ideas. An entrepreneur who lacks confidence won’t be able to command the confidence of others, severely limiting their effectiveness in the workplace.

Obviously, if you want to be a business leader then you will need to have good self-confidence. You can’t expect other people to put their faith in you if you can’t put faith in yourself. However, it is also very important to remember the line between confidence and arrogance. If you are too confident, then this creates problems of its own and will create animosity amongst your staff.

Real-world applications

The abstract lessons that you learn when studying business analytics can all be applied to the real world of business with ease. You will find no shortage of opportunities to apply what you know; you might even find that studying business analytics causes you to re-evaluate your approach to business.

Whether you are formally studying business analytics in order to earn a degree, or you simply want to sharpen your skills, a business analytics tutor can help you to take your learning to the next level. With a personal tutor, you can learn at your own pace and focus on the subjects that matter most to you.

Have a look online today for business analytics courses or find yourself a tutor. This may just help you get on top of the other entrepreneurs in London who are trying for the same job as you.

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