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Why a paperless economy is the future

by John Saunders
11th Sep 20 11:02 am

The world has been evolving ever since man came to exist in all aspects of life. Man has strived to improve on convenience and how effective they can work. The finance world has not evaded falling victim to improvement. At a particular moment in history, the world was accustomed to using paper money in day to day life: Buying and selling goods or services; saving and withdrawing from banks; and many others. Now the system has changed and people are slowly getting used to paperless money systems as an alternative. Here are some of the benefits of having paperless money systems around the world.


Paperless money has grown to become a very secure means of working with money as now people don’t have to walk around carrying money in their pockets falling prey to thieves  and scoundrels trying to steal it. Now, most people have mobile banking apps and credit cards that they use to pay for products as well as receiving money. Another advantage is there is a lesser chance of ending up with counterfeit money, as has been the trend in the past. These systems also curb theft online as most of the time one is usually able to track their finances and can retrieve their money back.

Online payments

With the increase of online services such as online schooling, subscription shows and other services, people are now able to pay for their services conveniently. In the comfort of your home, you are able to do most of your regular daily routines now. People are even able to entertain themselves with ease using their mobile. For instance, simply paying through your mobile means some people find themselves playing a little bit of roulette on their favourite online Casino.

Global availability

With the vast improvement of the internet, currency exchange softwares have improved their systems and allowed for money transfer to be as easy as 123. When travelling abroad, one does need to exchange their money for the local currency. With the cashless money systems, you will not need to worry about exchange rates or how much you will need to have for your stay. The banks and cashless service providers will have that all handled for you.

Tracking spending

Keeping track of all your expenditure is usually quite hard on a day to day basis but using internet and mobile banking, all your transactions are caught on record and it is very easy to keep track of your spending. It also helps individuals be disciplined and to set budgets.

A cashless society may still seem like a science fiction story for many. Still, it is here with us and with powerful forces such as governments and financial services rallying behind it to make it the norm in the world. It will not be an easy road as many governments have not readily formulated policies and invested in infrastructure to grow as a paperless economy. Still, we all have to embrace this change.


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