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What makes London the perfect place for team building?

4th May 17 4:17 pm

Fun and games!

Written by Shelby Neat, content writer at Team Tactics

The benefits of team building activities have been proven time and time again. There’s the ability to mend and build relationships, improve communication skills and uncover the hidden leader in everyone. Team building is the perfect way to boost productivity and motivation in the workplace.

It can be difficult to choose an activity or event that perfectly suits everyone. With so many different options, narrowing down the right day and location can become an unnecessary stress. That’s why London is one of the most popular destinations for team building activities. We take a look at the variety London offers and how you can organise the perfect London team building day.

Indoor team building

Like many areas of the UK, London’s weather can be unpredictable and often wet. That’s why indoor team building activities are always a safe bet.

There are many different types of events you can plan for indoors, including sports days, murder mystery challenges, breakout rooms and food tasting. Many of the indoor activities present the chance to try new things or learn new skills, whether it’s related to your business sector or not.

Simply getting your team out of the office and trying new things, can massively improve their productivity and help to boost job satisfaction.

Explore the London landscape

There is no denying that London is the biggest and most diverse city in the UK. Every zone offers something new and it is the perfect playground for more active team building days.

One activity that London lends itself to, is treasure hunts. Organising a treasure hunt in the capital can dramatically help to improve communication between your team members, as London’s vast area requires your teams to work closely and efficiently in order to win.

You can utilise every opportunity available to you, in order to create a truly epic team building day. Think about the River Thames boat rides, hiding items near the biggest landmarks or even getting in contact with the myriad of museums, galleries and theatres.

Have a night to remember

London’s vibrant nightlife, regular events and shows can offer a truly remarkable experience once the sun has set. From karaoke to theatre nights, you’ll be able to give your team the fun and relaxed evening out they deserve.

Nights out can offer a more informal and easygoing atmosphere than more structured activities. You’ll find that evening team building activities help to improve friendships within your team. They can also get members from different departments mingling and interacting with each other at ease. 

Team building no longer has to be the stuffy and sometimes awkward process it has been in the past. Companies like Team Tactics help businesses to organise events to really engage team members and form stronger, more efficient teams going forward. Why not try a team building day and find out how they can benefit you and the needs of your business.

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