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Watchdog to stamp out unfair broadband, TV and mobile practices

by LLB Reporter
17th Jun 19 1:28 pm

Ofcom the telecoms watchdog has launched new guidelines to stamp out unfair practices for TV, mobile and broadband packages.

Ofcom has said that they clamping down on unclear practices by mobile phone companies that could see customers paying more than they should for handsets and contracts.

A review into broadband prices has also begun, looking into long term customer contracts and whether or not they are paying more than new customers.

The watchdog said their initial analyses shows around 40% of long term customers have secured new and improved terms with their provider.

The main reason why customers pay more is due to the confusion over options available.

Sharon White, the Ofcom chief executive said, “Our fairness programme is delivering real benefits for customers, putting money in their pockets and helping more people get fairer deals.

“Everyone should expect to be treated fairly from their provider, but that hasn’t always happened in the past. There is now a real chance to change that.

“It’s vital we don’t chase the wrong solution to complex problems, which would see many customers worse off. Government, regulators and consumer bodies must all work together to ensure customers get a fair deal.”

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