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‘War is coming’ as Putin puts nuclear capable Sarmat intercontinental missiles on ‘combat duty’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
1st Sep 23 3:09 pm

On Friday the head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos has confirmed that the Sarmat intercontinental missiles which can carry 10 nuclear warheads are now on “combat duty.”

Since Mad Vlad invaded Ukraine, the Russian dictator has repeatedly said Moscow will use any and all means to defend their “territorial integrity,” which includes the four Ukrainian regions which were illegally annexed in September along with Crimea.

Last year Putin signed a decree of Russia’s annexation of Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, Donetsk and Kherson oblasts that they are part of the Russian Federation and fall under Moscow’s nuclear umbrella for protection.

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Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, warned on Tuesday of an “apocalypse” because Ukrainian forces are attacking Crimea.

Ukrainian special forces on 24 August conducted a “special operation” in Crimea and Russia suffered heavy “losses.”

Ukrainian intelligence Directorate said that with the assistance of their Naval Forces special forces reached the shore and landed within the vicinity of Olenivka and Maya.

They said, As a result, the enemy suffered personnel losses and enemy hardware was destroyed. Also, the national flag has been again raised in Ukrainian Crimea. All goals and tasks were accomplished.

“After ending the special operation, the Ukrainian defenders left the scene without losses.”

Medvedev said on Telegram, “Ukrainian criminals announced that they received approval for any strikes throughout Russia, ‘for example, [to attack – ed.] Crimea.’

“If this is true (and there is no reason to doubt it now), then this is direct, legally significant evidence of the West’s complicity in the war against Russia on the side of Stepan Bandera’s state [Stepan Bandera was a leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, whom the Russians are afraid of – ed.].

“Sophisticated casus belli, and the opportunity for Russia to act within the jus ad bellum against everyone and everything in the NATO countries.

“Sad, unfortunately. The prophecies of the Apocalypse are getting closer.”

In a speech Putin addressed graduated of military academies and told them of the importance of Russia’s “triad” of nuclear forces.

Putin said in June this year, “The most important task here is the development of the nuclear triad, which is a key guarantee of Russia’s military security and global stability,” he said.

“Already about half of the units and formations of the Strategic Missile Forces are equipped with the latest Yars systems, and the troops are being re-equipped with modern missile systems with the Avangard hypersonic warhead.”

The apocalyptic 208-tonne Satan 2 nuclear capable missile is now in active combat and be fired from air, land or sea and is Russia’s “new heavy missile.”

The then British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned in February that “war is coming” and the UK could well be embroiled in either a “hot or cold” conflict with Russia “by the end of the decade.”

Wallace has called for more defence spending and said that as a result of Putin’s war in Ukraine the world is “definitely more dangerous, more unstable and more insecure.”

Wallace told The Sun, “Conflict is coming by the end of this decade, whether it is a cold war or hot, war is coming.

“We just have to recognise that in order to deter you just have to be ready, you have to be equipped and you have to stand with your friends and your allies.”

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