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General urges Putin to use an ‘air nuclear explosion’ in Ukraine in response to the drone attack on Russia

by LLB political Reporter
31st Aug 23 11:23 am

Andrey Gurulev, a pro-Kremlin MP and former general, has called on Vladimir Putin to use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine in response to Kyiv’s largest ever drone attack on Russia’s soil.

Russia’s nuclear deterrence policy states that nuclear weapons can be used in response to a conventional aggression which is “critical to the national security of Russia.”

General Gurulev said that now is the “perfect” time to use nuclear weapons following the attack on the Russian Federation on Wednesday.

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Following a two week battle Ukrainian troops captured the village of Robotyne over the weekend which could then see Kyiv force sever the land link to Crimea.

On Russian TV General Gurulev said that to prevent Ukrainian forces capturing Donetsk and Crimea now is the “perfect” time to use nuclear weapons as most of the troops in the offensive are in one area.

Speaking to Putin’s mouthpiece Vladimir Solovyov he said that Robotyne was the “perfect, perfect spot to use tactical nuclear weapons.”

Gurulev said, “Perfect. They are all bunched up there, simply perfect. And the [Ukrainian] grouping goes out of the window.

“Further, simply a perfect situation, because there is a complete absence of reserves of the enemy.

“Even with those forces that we have, we are quite capable to advance, and quite nicely free Zaporizhzhia and, perhaps, even Dnipropetrovsk region.”

The former general claimed that attacking Robotyne would enable Russian troops to free the Zaporizhzhia and Dnipro regions, who could then start “encircling and destroying” Ukrainians in the prized Donetsk region.

Solovyov added, “Most importantly it saves so many lives of our fighters, and solves all problems.

“This is a little bit delivering from evil that everything will be contaminated there, that everyone will die.”

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