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NATO are monitoring Russia’s nuclear forces and Belarus prepares for ‘combat readiness’ after receiving weapons from Russia

11th Oct 22 2:45 pm

Russia has transported deadly weapons to Belarus on Tuesday and plans to move by the end of this week and the Belarusian dictator has launched a military inspection to ensure “combat readiness.”

Russia sent 31 Iranian-made kamikaze drones to Belarus and plans to move eight more before this week and Alexander Lukashenko are planning to send 13 trains carrying ammunition to Russia, Ukraine’s defence ministry claims.

Both Belarus and Russia confirmed that they have agreed to deploy a joint military group, raising fears of a renewed attack on Ukraine from the north to hit Kyiv.

Lukashenko believes that Ukraine are preparing to attack Belarus, and the Defence Ministry said, “During the inspection, military units and sub-units will work out the issues of putting on combat readiness.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday afternoon that they and Western allies are “closely monitoring” Russia’s nuclear forces.

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He warned that if there is a deliberate attack on critical infrastructure as a result of a nuclear blast then Vladimir Putin will be met with an immediate strategic “united and determined response.”

Stoltenberg said that Putin’s “veiled nuclear threats” are extremely “dangerous and irresponsible” and the Kremlin and all their officials know full well that a nuclear war “cannot be won.”

“We are closely monitoring Russia’s nuclear forces. We have not seen any changes in Russia’s posture, but we remain vigilant,” he said.

NATO has now doubled the number of battlegroups and they can easily be built up at speed to brigade size of around 5,000 soldiers.

He said, “Allies are also increasing security around key installations and stepping up intelligence and intelligence sharing.

“We will take further steps to strengthen our resilience and protect our critical infrastructure and the deliberate attack against allies’ critical infrastructure will be met with united and determined response.”

He added, “President Putin started this war. He must end it by withdrawing his forces from Ukraine.

“And President Lukashenko should stop the complicity of Belarus in this illegal conflict.”

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