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War in Europe has ‘started’ and ‘we are living in the most critical moment,’ Poland warns

30th Mar 24 11:16 am

The Polish Prime Minister has said that war in Europe has “started” and we are living in “the most critical moment” since the Second World War.

Donald Tusk warned that Europe must take heed to this because if not there will be terrible consequences.

Tusk insisted in an interview that he does “not want to scare anyone,” but war is “no longer a concept from the past.”

The Polish Prime Minister said, “it is real, in fact it already started more than two years ago.”

Tusk stressed that there is one concern and that “literally any scenario is possible” in Europe.

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Polish and allied fighter jets have taken to the skies along the Polish and Ukrainian border following many major Russian attacks, which Tusk has said this is “troubling.”

Tusk warned Europe is not prepared to confront the Russian threat of war and added, “We must be ready. Europe still has a long way to go.”

He said, “Today we have to spend as much as we can to buy equipment and ammunition for Ukraine, because we are living in the most critical moment since the end of the Second World War.”

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned that if the US do not provide military aid then will be forced to “retreat step by step,” and Tusk stressed that if Kyiv loses the war then this will have far reaching consequences for Europe.

During an interview with the Washington Post Zelensky said, “If you are not taking steps forward to prepare another counteroffensive, Russia will take them.

“That’s what we learned in this war. If you don’t do it, Russia will do it.”

Zelensky added, “We are trying to find some way not to retreat.”

The Ukrainian leader added that after the fall of Avdiivka “we have stabilised the situation because of smart steps by our military.”

But he warned, “If there is no U.S. support, it means that we have no air defense, no Patriot missiles, no jammers for electronic warfare, no 155mm artillery rounds.

“It means we will go back, retreat, step by step, in small steps.”

President Zelensky said, “Newer variations of ATACMS have a maximum range of around 300 kilometres and have so far not been provided to Ukraine.

“When Russia knows we can destroy these jets, they will not attack from Crimea.

“It’s like with the (Black Sea) fleet. We pushed them from our territorial waters. Now we will push them from the airports in Crimea.”

He added, “We can’t waste time anymore. Ukraine can’t be a political issue between the parties.

“If Ukraine falls, Putin will divide the world.”

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