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Poland moves Patriot missile launchers near to Ukraine border to defend their ‘airspace’ any future missile attacks

by LLB political Reporter
21st Nov 22 2:57 pm

Germany has confirmed that they are supporting Poland by providing additional air defences with “Eurofighters” and “Patriot air defence systems.”

Germany have also provided Slovakia with fighter jets and air defence systems and that support could be extended until the end of 2023 and “possibly even further.”

In the wake of last weeks missile landing in Poland killing two civilians in what has been described as an accident Warsaw will deploy additional launchers received from Germany.

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The Polish Prime Minister, Mariusz Blaszczak said on Monday, that he had “accepted [the proposal for further air defences] with satisfaction” from his German counterpart.

He added, “During today’s telephone conversation with the German side, I will propose that the system be stationed at the border with Ukraine.”

Christine Lambrecht, Germany’s Defence Minister, said in an interview with reporters on Monday, “We have offered to support Poland in securing its airspace – with our Eurofighters and with Patriot air defence systems.”

On 15 November two men were killed near to the Polish town of Przewodów after a stry missile hit the village which was the first incident recorded on a NATO ally.

Last week NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said last week that Ukraine’s air defence systems were “most likely” to blame.

He said, “Our preliminary analysis suggests that the incident was likely caused by a Ukrainian air defence missile fired to defend Ukrainian territory against Russian cruise missile attacks.

“But let me be clear, this is not Ukraine’s fault.”

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