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Walnut Beyond Demos: The latest from the leading sales experience platform

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22nd Sep 22 3:00 pm

Walnut has been making a splash in the world of sales for several years, offering a comprehensive product demo suite. Recently, they’ve announced a new product suite, Walnut Beyond Demos, which pushes their offering even further. Their current platform already perfects personalization in product demos, allowing companies to create highly-effective demonstrations for their customers.

Walnut Beyond Demos takes this one step further, incorporating the power of data insights into the platform. Sales teams will now have unbridled access to insights from the demos they create, as well as a suite of communication tools that they can use to get in contact with prospective clients.

With these new features, Walnut allows sales teams to respond to clients in team time, helping to guide them through the sales process and boosting the likelihood of conversion. Instead of creating ineffective demos, the introduction, and integration of data will allow teams to focus on the demos that work. Live insights will reveal what works and what doesn’t, helping to continually refine the return on investment of a product demonstration.

Commenting on how slow the sales process can be within SaaS products, the CEO of Walnut, Yoav Viler, comments that “When exploring to buy SaaS products, you don’t know what the product value is until around the tenth meeting. You often speak to tons of pre-sales, SDRs, and AEs, and then get a generic demo like any other prospect.”

He then goes on to state that Walnut Beyond Demos represents a change in this regard, “There’s a revolution going on right now where the people have had enough: they want B2B sales to be as comfortable, modern, and personalized as B2C sales,” with the streamlined service that data-driven insights provide leading the way into a new era of B2B sales.

What features does Walnut Beyond Demos include?

The new product suite is entirely focused on communication and data tools, allowing sales reps to have a larger idea of what work they need to do when interacting with a client. Across the entire process, this visibility makes B2B sales more like B2C sales, with personalization and live communication leading the way.

There are several new features that Walnut Beyond Demos introduces:

  • Demo Scoring
  • 1-1 Communication
  • New Buyer Flows
  • Complete Data Consolidation

Let’s break down these core features.

Demo scoring

When users create a demo with Walnut and launch it onto their site, they can focus on any number of features. Whether it’s an entire product breakdown or specific insight into one particular feature, product demos can come in many styles. Over time, each demo will start to get views, produce engagement insights, and build up sales data.

With Beyond Demos, Walnut allows sales teams to get a direct insight into the quality of their product demos. Instead of just hoping a demo performs well, it gets an automatic demo score. The product demonstrations that are receiving the most engagement have a higher score. Using this, you can determine which demos your customers find more useful.

With automatically generated insight and engagement scores, businesses will be able to rank the success of each of their product demonstrations.

Companies can use this ranking to continually improve the quality of their demonstrations going forward with A/B testing. Google is a notorious lover of A/B testing, with their famous shades of blue experiment, where they tested out different tones of blue on a sales button, leading to a $200 million increase in revenue.

By producing more demos with a successful style, you’re able to continually streamline the demo production process. Over time, this will help you make your sales experience even more impactful, helping to bring customers on board with ease.

1-1 communication

Another fantastic feature that Walnut Beyond Demos is introducing is direct communication channels between sales teams and potential customers. At any point during the sales process, a potential customer can open a chat with a sales rep and ask them questions 1-1 in a live format. Based on the questions and specific insight that a customer is looking for, sales teams can move the customer to different demonstrations, or answer their question then and there.

By personalizing the sales process, sales teams are able to boost the likelihood of making a conversion. With a personal experience that gets to the heart of why a solution will benefit a customer, this is a remarkable way of streamlining the sales process.

New buyer flows

Instead of having to move through a product demo themselves, sales teams are able to get a complete visualization of how users are interacting with their demos. The visual flow that Walnut Beyond Demos constructs will include insights at every stage.

Visualizing these sales flows, when combined with data-driven insight at each stage, can help sales teams pinpoint where they need to improve their process. This can help to boost the efficiency of every step of the sales process, guiding companies towards higher engagement.

Data consolidation

As a platform deployment that is deeply involved with data, Walnut Beyond Demos also provides a centralized data hub that businesses can interact with. Across Walnut’s own data, it can also integrate with Hubspot, Salesforce, or another CRM platform that your business is using.

With all data in one place, businesses are able to understand their customers on a deeper level. With complete 360-degree visualization, everything from which customer demos get the most traffic to which needs a little more help will be included.

Armed with the power of data, your sales teams can completely revolutionize their sales process.

Final thoughts

Walnut has already made a name for itself as a change-maker in the customer experience industry. The launch and integration of Walnut Beyond Demos takes this even further, providing a launchpad for businesses to improve their sales experience from.

With the power of data-driven insights and seamless communication, sales teams can optimize and revitalize their product demonstrations. This new iteration of Walnut is definitely one to keep an eye on over the coming months.

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