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Unbiased news dissemination makes Daddy Cow a global choice of people

by John Saunders
23rd Feb 22 5:37 pm

Filling the gap of a much needed news website that issues fact-based, neutral and unbiased news reports, the Daddy Cow has justifiably charted out a new vista in journalistic practice for persons above the age of 15.   

Operating out of Dublin in Ireland, the Daddy Cow has particularly come to be known as a portal without any agenda or propaganda thus earning the trust of the readers and viewers. Thus marking a departure from a large number of other websites disseminating news and features, this particular portal certainly can be considered as an authentic source of daily developments happening all around the world.

It has also evolved as a powerful social media outfit thus charting out a new path in the area of journalism. No wonder, it has gained massive popularity at the international level. The Daddy Cow has turned out to be a preferred platform by thousands of people to share their news or opinions on a variety of issues. This can be done by them by opening an account with it.

Since content is the king for any website, the Daddy Cow has proved it beyond doubt that exact, lively and useful contents hold the key to the success of a news portal. That is why thousands are connecting with it across the world. The brainchild of Greg Geoghegan, the Daddy Cow has carved out its place in the world of journalism as the people find most of their requirements be it international news, film and entertainment and profiling of different products including those of apps, electronic items and mobile handsets.

Here, the difference of Daddy Cow from other news portals can be understood very clearly. Founder of it — Greg Geoghegan – practically has added a new dimension in the realm of news portals by making Daddy Cow different from others.

In fact, Greg Geoghegan has crafted Daddy Cow in such an intelligent and innovative way that everyone can get everything they need. Besides, they wonderfully connect themselves with it. The blogs of this portal are informative and touch on various issues from skin care to online betting.  

The news portal also has multiple links to selected music videos, funny reels, fashion, fitness hacks as well. You can even get plenty of entertainment videos too. Moreover, on the site itself, there are e-commerce links also, through which you can buy and sell various products. The variety of issues taken up by this news portal cum social media platform is something that attracts the readers and users of this portal. It has something or the other for every reader. One can find what one needs.

Since the Daddy Cow is absolutely neutral and caters to the news needs of the mass of the people without any tilt towards a political ideology, it is getting accepted by a large number of people throughout the world. Here, the innovativeness of Greg Geoghegan gets reflected very prominently.

However, the Daddy Cow provides an alternative platform to readers to exchange or express their views which are just and unbiased. If one has ideated a view, he or she can express it here to exchange it with other readers. If you look at the contents of Daddy Cow, you would know how it issues stories behind the stories thus giving a complete picture of developments over a particular national or international event thus generating reader’s inquisitiveness which, undoubtedly, is unique in its own right.

Naturally, it acts as a complete news portal plus a social media platform to link the readers and create their own groups.  This is one of the reasons why Daddy Cow is fast developing as a part of the daily reading habit of the people throughout the world.  

Being an unbiased news portal, people can ventilate their opinions and also discuss the opinions of others without any bar.

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