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Veteran US general warns Ukraine will fall into Putin’s hands ‘in a matter of weeks’

11th Apr 24 1:30 pm

A US general with more than 37 years in the American military has warned that Ukraine will fall into Vladimir Putin’s hands within a “matter of weeks.”

Commander General Christopher Cavoli said that Ukraine is no match for Russian forces and their superior weapons and Kyiv needs weapons now.

General Cavoli said that Russian forces are about to overrun Ukrainian troops as they have hardly any ammunition or weapons left.

The US Congress failure to supply Ukraine with military aid means that Washington is handing Putin a victory as the Russian army have the initiative on the frontlines.

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On top of this, the Kremlin are looking to recruit a further 400,000 soldiers for the war in Ukraine, according to the UK’s British Ministry of Defence (MoD).

In a direct warning the head of the US European Command told a Congressional Committee on Wednesday that Russia could soon gather pace in their advance and hit a critical point which will be no match for Ukrainian forces.

If we do not continue to support Ukraine, it will run out of artillery shells and will run out of air defence interceptors in fairly short order,” the General said.

“I can’t predict the future, but I can do simple math,” he added.

Based on my experience in 37-plus years in the U.S. military, if one side can shoot and the other side can’t shoot back, the side that can’t shoot back loses.

He warned that Kyiv are facing dire consequences as they cannot replace air defence systems or even long-range missiles.

General Cavoli warned, “They are now being outshot by the Russian side 5-to-1,” he told US lawmakers.

“That will immediately go to 10-to-1 in a matter of weeks.

“We are not talking about months. We are not talking hypothetically.”

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