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Ukraine troops break through major Russian defences claiming more territory as Putin’s troops ‘threaten to withdraw’

by LLB political Reporter
27th Aug 23 2:41 pm

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has said that the Russian Ministry of Defence is facing more problems within their ranks as formations “remain willing to threaten to withdraw from combat.”

On 25 August the neo-Nazi Rusich Sabotage and Reconnaissance Group nave issued an ultimatum that they will no longer fight unless Moscow has their founding member, Yan Petrovsky released from Finnish custody.

The paramilitary leader Petrovsky is set to be extradited to Ukraine for charges of terrorism.

The ISW said in its latest assessment of the war in Ukraine, “The Rusich Group accused the Russian government of not meeting its obligations to protect Russians abroad by not securing Petrovsky’s release earlier, and asked why Rusich personnel should protect Russia if the Russian government will not protect Russians.”

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Ukrainian forces have secured the village of Robotyne and have placed the Ukraine flag one a destroyed building which is a frontline area that Russia “cannot afford for any units to rebel and refuse to conduct combat missions.”

Ukrainian forces have said they’ve broken through the most difficult Russian defences on the frontline in the south.

A Ukrainian military leader known as “Skala” said that “we don’t stop here” as his forces have broken through Russian troops in the village of Robotyne.

Skala added, “Next we have (the town of) Berdiansk, and then more. I made it clear to my fighters at once: our goal is not Robotyne, our goal is (the Sea of) Azov.”

Robotyne is around 60 miles from the Berdiansk port which is on the Sea of Azov and is about 80km from the strategic Russian occupied city of Melitopol.

Skala said, “We have passed the main roads that were mined. We are coming to those lines where we can go (forward). I’m sure we’ll go faster from here.”

He said that in the village there are jet two house left which have Russian soldiers and “we’re fighting for them and then we’ll have full control” of Robotyne.

He added that “we are moving on to liberate all our terrorities.”

The ISW analysis read, “The MoD is reportedly prosecuting the junior officers and soldiers of a Russian unit that complained about senior commanders’ inattention to frontline issues, following a MoD pattern of deflecting blame away from senior officers.”

This deflection of responsibility is angering Russian military bloggers are angered by the deflection of responsibility, then the ISW added, “These claims are unconfirmed, but the speed at which the Russian military command is reportedly responding likely demonstrates their deep concern about insubordination in the military, as well as of public criticism of the Russian military command.”

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