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Ukraine could evacuate ‘hundreds of thousands of people’ and are preparing for scenarios if the Zaporizhia nuclear plant explodes

12th Aug 22 4:18 pm

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories are considering all possible scenarios should the nuclear power plant (NPP) in Zaporizhia explode.

In case of deterioration at the nuclear power plant the Ukrainian government are considering the possibility of evacuating the population of nearby towns and villages.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said the statement was made by Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky during a working trip in the Sumy region on Friday.

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He said, “We all have seen the shelling carried out by Russian troops on the power unit. It’s horrible. After the last attacks on the station, we were convinced that there are no deterrents for them.”

The Minister warned that there is no adequate control over Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

Currently the station is “not just in the hands of the enemy, but also in the hands of inexperienced specialists who can really allow a tragedy.”

“The Ukrainian specialists remaining there are partially not allowed to the sites where they should be. As it is known, Russian military equipment is located on the territory of the station today. All this is assessed as the highest level of threat,” Monastyrsky stressed.

He confirmed that Ukraine already has plans for any development of events at the NPP, including the release of radiation into the atmosphere.

He stressed, “Today, in the State Emergency Service, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Regional Development, we are discussing various scenarios for the development of events, including the issue of evacuation.

“Let me remind you that this is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, which has six power units. And it’s hard to even imagine the scale of the tragedy that could happen if the Russians continue to stay there.”

In the immediate aftermath of an explosion at the nuclear power plant, experts are warning that we would likely see widespread evacuations.

The explosion will create an invisible radioactive cloud and the impact of a leak in radiation would most likely be felt for many years to come.

MV Ramana, a Professor at the University of British Columbia’s School of Public Policy and Global Affairs warned, “You’re probably going to see hundreds of thousands of people trying to flee from that area,” he said to Al Jazeera.

“There will be a cloud, but you’re not going to be able to see it … We’re able to track the cloud because [we] have sensitive instruments that are measuring radiation levels,” he added.

Some of the illnesses we could see from an explosion similar to this could be acute radiation poisoning or cancers that could be seen later.

Speaking to The Associated Press last week, Rafael Mariano Grossi, director-general of the IAEA, described the situation as “completely out of control.”

“Every principle of nuclear safety has been violated” at the power plant, Grossi said. “What is at stake is extremely serious and extremely grave and dangerous.”

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