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UK Armed Forces ‘running on empty’ and we ‘risk getting caught out’ as we are ‘on the brink of war’

6th Feb 24 7:04 am

The government are being warned that the British Armed Forces are “running on empty” and UK is risking getting caught out.

The British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps warned that we are now living in a “pre-war” world and many MPs, military chiefs and officials have all said the same thing, the UK is ill-equipped to prepare for war.

Many NATO chiefs, military leaders and European leaders have all said that they are preparing for war with Russia and the former US President Donald Trump has warned that we “are on the brink of World War Three.”

An expert has said that the Royal Navy has experienced a series of setbacks and malfunctions and the Armed Forces are being constantly “embarrassed” by ongoing technical issues.

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The “storm clouds” are gathering on the horizon as we are fast approaching World War Three and the latest announcement that multibillion-pound flagship aircraft carrier is again out service is unable to take place in NATO exercises in Europe to prepare for war.

The HMS Queen Elezabeth has been plagued with problems and now has an issue with its propeller, this come as two years earlier the HMS Prince of Wales was also withdrawn for a similar issue.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Conrad Waters, editor of the Seaforth World Naval Review said that the recent issues for the Royal Navy has been both “unfortunate and embarrassing.”

He said the issues with the warships is now “symptomatic of wider problems with the Royal Navy ships.”

He added, “Major warships are hugely complicated vessels and it’s not unusual for technical problems to arise,” he explained.

“Unlike, say, an aircraft or a tank, you don’t have the luxury of building a prototype.”

He said, “Unlike, say, an aircraft or a tank, you don’t have the luxury of building a prototype.”

He continued, “What these incidents do demonstrate, however, is the need to have ‘depth’ in the armed forces; for example the fact that the Prince of Wales will be able to deploy to replace her sister ship shows the value of having two operational carriers.

“The French with just one carrier would be in a far worse place in this situation.”

Walters then warned that the there has been “increasing strain” on the British Armed Forces as they are under equipped to cope with the scale of challenges.”

Waters said,“They have been running on empty for quite a while now and, whilst this was acceptable when international conditions were relatively benign, I do fear that we risk getting caught out as the world becomes a more dangerous place again.”

He said, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the government have “some appreciation of this situation,” who are being “sensible” by “increasing investment in stocks of munitions.”

He added, “However, there seems to be a lack of understanding of the scale of the challenges that we face and a lack of urgency in shifting our mindset to the new conditions.

“The increasing shortfall in trained personnel is a particular concern. Of course, it’s easy to point out these problems and harder to address them but I do believe that we should be accelerating our response.”

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